The Satanic Temple loses a court battle to place a monument in Belle Plain

Not giving the devil his due. Erin Adler of the Star Tribune reported:The Satanic Temple lost its legal battle with the city of Belle Plain, four years after a religious group attempted to erect a memorial at the local Veterans Park. … Temple asserted in two separate cases that the southwestern metro city had violated its rights to free speech and expression of religion, among other things. But a federal judge rejected most of those allegations in 2020 and decided in September that the city had not breached the contract when it revoked the temple’s permit to install the memorial. …Don Meyer, city manager, said Bill Blaine was pleased with the court’s decision “

Lt. Col. Peggy Flanagan on the New Social Studies Standards. To report the Sahan Journal Becky Z. Dernbach: “Peggy Flanagan never learned its history and culture when growing up in St. Louis Park in the ’80s and ’90s. When you don’t see yourself reflecting on your teachers or your curriculum, there is an impact,” she told Sahan Journal. In my class… But soon, the old Eurocentric approach, with its absence of indigenous voices, will become historic. Under Minnesota’s proposed new Social Studies Standards, kindergarten children will learn about the relationships of indigenous communities to land and water; Sixth graders will study how Anishinaabe and Dakota exercise tribal rights today; High school students will learn Aboriginal views of settlers’ expansion westward along with the “obvious fate” theory. In addition to learning Aboriginal perspectives on history, students will study contemporary Aboriginal societies. “

This is really bad news. WCCO reports: Since the beginning of the epidemic, Eleven school staff have died of COVID-19, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. … MDH reported the eleventh death on Thursday. It is the third COVID-19-related death of a school employee for the current school year. Two more deaths were reported in late September. “There are too many patients in our buildings who are not following best practices to control the virus, and frankly, too many people are dying,” said Dennis Specht, president of Education Minnesota. Experts have told us how to run schools safely during a pandemic – but we need every school to really follow the rules. “

Also in COVID-19 news. KMSP’s Mauri Glover reports: “When students returned to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus last month, it was understood that they should be vaccinated by October 8. Now that the deadline has come, university officials say most students have complied with the vaccine mandate. … “I filled out my statements yesterday . “They sent me a reminder email,” Max Mofor said. I’ve had the vaccine since April and had my first dose. May, my second dose.” … Students have until Friday to submit a COVID-19 vaccination form certifying that they have received the vaccination, or request a religious or medical exemption. University officials say that as of two weeks ago, 75% of all students had filled out the form, and as of Monday, nearly 97% of those students had been vaccinated.. “

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