The San Jose community celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day with a celebration at City Hall

SAN JOSE, CA (KGO) – Hundreds gathered outside San Jose City Hall for a massive event Thursday – 200 years of Mexico’s independence.

The sights and sounds of Mexican Independence Day were seen in the heart of downtown San Jose, from the afternoon until the evening hours.

“We’ve been spending so much time in our homes that these kinds of events bring us out and give us some joy,” Brenda Zendegas told ABC7 News.

Celebrated on the 16th of September each year, the day commemorates the liberation of Mexico from centuries of Spanish rule.

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During the speaking portion of the celebration, guests heard from a number of city leaders including Councilman Raul Perales.

He emphasized the true importance of the South Bay.

“We have icons like Cesar Chavez who have demonstrated and gathered hundreds of times for community members here,” Perales shared. Starting in San Jose.

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Notable guests include various members of the Council, Consulate General of Mexico in San Jose Alejandra Bologna and Congressman Ro Khanna. Ms. Magdalena Carrasco led the event.

The community that came out on Thursday, is connected through culture.

The event brought El Grito, flag raising, live performances by Aztec dancers, Banda, art by artists and Latin food.

Parts of the celebration helped preserve the past and the present.

“Today means a lot of pride in our culture, a lot of pride in our history,” Peter Ortiz, vice president of the Santa Clara County Board of Education, told ABC7 News. “As a descendant of immigrants from Mexico, I see this day as a symbol of self-determination for our people.”

Other residents said the extra recognition of Spanish Heritage Month means even more during such a difficult year.

“To be able to share this moment, to share our pride,” professional singer Gabriela Sepulveda said. “We know that migrants have given a lot. Especially during the pandemic. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

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Sepulveda sang the national anthem during the flag-raising period of the night.

Fit for the epidemic, there was also a vaccination clinic on site.

In all, the anniversary highlighted one of the most important holidays of Mexico, which is celebrated all over the world.

“Just being here and being able to see my community is really cool,” Sepulveda continued. “Very grateful and very proud to be a Mexican American.”

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