The results of the Google Shopping Bug drastically reduce the impression for advertisers.

Google Advertising seems to have a bug in some areas, such as the UK, with Google Shopping last week, but I think others, where shopping lists weren’t appearing. Some advertisers were claiming a 90% reduction in their listings, yes, a 90% reduction in impressions for Google Shopping campaigns.

The issue appears to have been raised last Friday, August 20, and seems to be still a few days away.

There’s a whole bunch of threads in the Google Advertising Help Forums – a dozen or more, but I’ve only linked two.

Here’s a complaint, “My Smart Shopping has seen a big drop in impressions and costs lately. Nothing has changed in the campaign and the product feed looks fine. See the attached graph for August. The drop is from Friday the 20th and The same goes for the weekend. “

Click for full size.

Emmanuel Flossi, a Google product expert, created a thread for us to post on the status here and wrote, “I will update this post when a Chief Minister has confirmed that this issue will be resolved. Very little has happened. Please report this to Google Advertising Support, in your Google Advertising account> top right corner> question mark> get help> contact us. “

Here are some tweets I found with this issue:

There are a lot of complaints I didn’t share but maybe you should check out your Google Ad Shopping Campaign to make sure everything is OK.

Forum discussion on Google Advertising Help Forums.

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