The report says that Masirati Ghabli will leave after 2022.

The end of the road?

Steven Ewing / Road Show

Another sedan may be ready to cut the dust: مسیرتی گھبلی۔. According to an Automotive News report this week, production of the entry-level luxury sedan will end after 2022, and the 2023 Gabley will be released as the last year of sales.

Maserati did not specifically comment on the demise of Ghabli, but confirmed that “the current Ghabli will remain in production until 2023.” After that the company is silent.

The brand is close to introducing a new small SUV. Grecale, Which could become a better entry level vehicle in the SUV’s crazed car market. Meanwhile, Ghabli remains a bit anonymous in the sea of ​​competing luxury sedans. Once Ghibli is out of production, the report says the company has no plans for a replacement, providing further evidence that Grecale could be an indirect type of replacement.

But, the road is not leaving behind the passenger cars. We are ready for a new one. Gran Turismo Next year, and MC20 A sports car is also about to be launched. According to the report, a newly designed Quattroporte should arrive by the end of this decade. The new GranTurismo will also come in some flavors, including a fully battery-powered version.

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