The report said the United States had asked Americans to immediately leave the three gates at Kabul airport in view of the “specific” and “credible” threat posed by ISIS.

Kelsey Williams

Afghans gather near a gate at Kabul Airport on August 22, 2021. Rehmatullah Ali Zada ​​/ Sinhawa by Getty

  • The US embassy in Kabul told Americans not to leave the airport.

  • The embassy said anyone at the gates of the three designated airports should “leave immediately”.

  • CNN and NYT told an official that the alert was due to a “specific” threat from ISIS.

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The U.S. embassy in Kabul warned Americans of unknown security threats at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport, saying citizens should avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport-specific gates “unless you are a U.S. citizen.” No individual instructions were received from the government representative. “

The security alert states that any citizens currently at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate must “evacuate immediately,” but did not provide further details on the threats.

US officials have previously warned of the possibility of an Islamic State attack on Hamid Karzai International Airport, where thousands – American and Afghan allies – are awaiting US evacuation.

A senior US official told the New York Times that the security alert was due to a “specific” and “credible” threat posed by ISIS-linked ISIS in Afghanistan.

CNN also reported that a U.S. defense official said the security alert was due to “a special threat stream” from ISIS.

Earlier, in a briefing on Wednesday, US Major General Hank Taylor said that 10,000 people were waiting at Kabul airport to evacuate from Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said the United States intended to stick to its August 31 deadline to end the withdrawal of American and Afghan allies.

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