The Queen’s football alumni returned to Kingston to grow their web design business.

Weiss Mann and Chris Mickey, both alumni of Queen’s University, chose Kingston as their home base for their digital marketing business, Empire Social. Image courtesy of Empire Social.

Two young entrepreneurs have returned to Kingston to support businesses in various industries through their digital marketing business, Empire Social, and web design, logo design, and search engine optimization.

Wes Mann and Chris Mickey, both alumni of Queen’s University, chose Kingston as their home base – a city they like and know well. “We both played Queen’s football and met at training camp in 2014. A few days after the camp started, I grabbed Chris in my closet, which my parents had left for me. We’ve been good friends ever since. Yes, “Mann said with a laugh.

During their university careers, the couple started and ran a successful property management business, Student Property Services. It provided them with jobs over the summer, and, according to Mickey, their complementary skill sets worked together.

The couple ran their own property management business for two and a half years and sold client listings and business practices before graduating from university. “We sold it just because we saw the business as a summer company,” Mann said. “We learned a ton, had a great time doing it, and were ready to move on to the next idea.”

The next idea came from Mickey, and now it’s Kingston-based web design business Empire Social. Mann said, “In the summer of 2018, after going to our fifth year in Queens and completing my final year of Student Property Services, Chris was ready to become a businessman and I thought I would go into finance. Will. ” “I was sad, studying for the CFA. [Chartered Financial Analyst exam] When Chris asked me if I wanted to start another business with him? There was no real plan of action, but Chris is a salesman and his pitch looked better than reading, so I said yes.

After graduation, the couple separated and went home. Man Almonte and Mickey Whitby returned, and they struggled to keep the business afloat. He decided he had to move to a neutral location, and since he had already run a successful business here in Kingston, it was a clear choice for him.

“Kingston is the perfect place to start a business,” Mickey said. “It’s so small that news travels fast, which is great for references.” Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. We have seen nothing but amazing support from the Kingston community as student athletes and business owners.

Empire helps businesses grow their customer base and expand their online presence through web design, search engine optimization and logo design. According to Mann, currently working on a network of about 10 people in countries around the world, the team works hard to ensure that customers get incredible customer service and meet their digital marketing budgets. Make the most of

“We have used this type of business model to minimize costs and keep the business as scalable as possible while scaling,” he added. “However, we will be hiring a full-time employee at our first home within the next month. We have also entered into a strategic partnership within the Kingston community to provide high quality media production through our partners at James Media.

Empirium has both local and national web design clients, and is pushing for change in the web design industry.

“The web design industry in Eastern Ontario has been notorious for poor customer service and cookie-cutter websites,” Mickey explained. “Some of our clients will not receive a response for more than a month before hearing from their previous web design companies. We are proud to be there for our clients when they need us most.

According to Mann, Empire’s lead web developer, Mickey is also constantly pushing himself to create better websites. “It’s constantly improving its capabilities and moving forward with designs that are better than the last and that perform exceptionally well in the eyes of Google,” Mann said.

Empire launched just one brand as part of their ongoing business growth. Mann said the change in his image is an important step in business development.

A new look for Empire Social. Image via Empire.

“A friend and colleague told us that our old branding doesn’t talk to our personalities. It was a very accurate observation and we spent a lot of time brainstorming how we would focus. We were very bright, Rebranded to have a friendly and personal feel, “he said, adding that he has significantly improved the performance of his website so that he can get more traffic to his site, as he does for his customers.

Learn more about Empirium on their website and contact the team by phone or email them at 613-299-2053 [email protected].

This article is sponsored by Empire Social. Interested in a business feature on Kingston? Contact. [email protected]

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