The Queen arrives in Holyrood to officially open the Scottish Parliament | UK news

The Queen arrived in Holyrood to open the new session of the Scottish Parliament.

The Queen, who was in Scotland on her annual leave at Balmoral, is due to speak in the debating room to mark the official start of Parliament’s sixth session.

The ceremony will include music, poetry and statements by presiding officer Alison Johnston, first minister Nicola Sturgeon, bearing the Crown of Scotland and the royal sceptre sitting at the front of the hall.

After the ceremony, Charles and Camilla will join the Queen to meet Scots who have been honored for their contribution to communities during the pandemic.

Ms Johnston said: “Our Local Champions initiative is all about celebrating people from across Scotland for their contributions to their communities throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“The nominees’ many actions and accomplishments are truly inspiring. So many of our other local heroes have put themselves in front of themselves, for the good of others.”

Linda Williams, a shopkeeper in Edinburgh who has raised money for her community during the crisis, is one of the “local heroes” who will be participating.

The Queen addresses Holyrood Hall as she opens the fourth session of Parliament in 2011

She raised over £10,000 to help hundreds of locals pay for necessities such as utility bills and food, and was chosen by Mrs Johnston to join the party.

Ms Williams said: “I am very pleased with my nomination, although I certainly did not look for any thanks or appreciation.

“It’s been a tough 18 months for everyone, and I think we’ve played a small role in making life a little easier for our customers and neighbors by creating a free same-day delivery service and starting a hardship fund to help those through the cracks of financial assistance that was available.

“Our community has risen to the occasion admirably; the people have been incredibly generous with their donations, and the whole experience has become a shining light of hope during difficult times.”

Prior to the ceremony in the debate room, the Queen will meet party leaders and parliamentarians in the garden foyer.

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