The PS5 has been advertised by Sony who seemingly want to show up consoles

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The PS5 has been advertised by Sony who seemingly want to show up consoles

An upside-down PlayStation 5 with a zoomed console at an entertainment center.

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Sony posted an ad on Twitter this morning showing a father ending his day playing some games. God of war Normal rent, as far as these things go, except for a significant increase in this video PlayStation 5. Gasp! After fans pointed it out, the tweet was deleted with no explanation for the deletion. But work.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but it is clear how to configure its marketing horizontal console for the PS5. Bulging disk drive in progress DownNot to be outdone, the facility is provided by a plastic stand that prevents the console from having its rugged side. Don’t underestimate the fact that the PS5’s clear upper part is the only flat surface of the top dong thing, a choice that makes you feel like you have to relax on that side. For some, the design is amazing.

Horizontal PlayStation 5

This official image of Sony shows how the PS5 intends to stand horizontally.
Image: Sony

Oh, and before you talk about how obscure it really is, Herman Hollist, head of PlayStation Studios – who, it’s safe to say, has a deep knowledge of the console and How it will be configured. Placed its horizontal PlayStation 5 upside-down Too. Her video was published in December 2020 Also And was removed on time Change With a version that eliminated the invasive video game system.

PlayStation 5 launch time, Kotaku Author Eri Notes constantly insisted on the console Seen Better upside down. He’s put weird discs down the art, but he’s likened the PS5 to the same direction the manufacturer intends to “put the T-shirt back on.” When I did my job last year before I realized I was going to be wrong about it, I would consider the console absent like an upside down.

Since then I have decided to keep my PlayStation 5 vertical but, if you want to go horizontal, it really looks upside down. And I’m guessing that some poor production assistants thought the same thing during the same commercial stages.


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