The PS Plus is on sale for فر 39.99 for Black Friday.

Black Friday deals are now live for the PlayStation. And again, Sony dropped the 12-month price of the PlayStation Plus to $ 39.99 for the duration of the sales event. You can get a one-year PS Plus subscription from any retailer for 39.99 (Check it out on Amazon). This is great for anyone with a PS4 or PS5, as it saves you عام 20 off the normal price.

New subscribers can certainly take advantage of the deal, but existing PS Plus members can too. All you have to do is redeem the digital code to add 12 months to your existing subscription. This is a win.

PlayStation Plus Black Friday Deal

12 months of PS Plus (digital code)

If you are new to PlayStation or brand new to online service, you may be wondering what you get for your money. The most important thing you get from a PS Plus subscription is access to online multiplayer games, including the ability to play with friends.

To improve the deal, Sony offers a handful of PS4 and PS5 games to PS Plus members each month. As long as you add them to your account each month, you can keep them up and running as long as your membership lasts. You also get cloud storage for your savings, which is especially useful when you need to upgrade your console or switch to a new console.

In addition, Sony often runs sales at the PlayStation Store, offering special or additional discounts for PS Plus members. So if you buy digital PlayStation games, the PlayStation Plus subscription can pay for itself.

And if you have a PS5, you’ll get extra features with PS Plus. These include gaming support in support games as well as access to the PlayStation Plus collection. The latter is a batch of many of the best games of the PS4 era, including God of War (2018), Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Days Gone, as well as many third party titles.

Overall, PS Plus is one of the best gaming deals, and a must have service for anyone who regularly plays on PS4 and PS5. Between the free monthly games and the extra savings during PlayStation Store sales, it really pays off. This is a great bargain on a regular MSRP of $ 59.99. This is an even better deal at. 39.99. Offer expires on November 29, so get it before it expires.

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