The Pokemon TV app is now available on Switch.

The Switch still doesn’t have apps like Netflix or Twitch, but Nintendo decided to do a better job with us by announcing Pokemon TV. Pokemon – Now available on the console.

Pokemon TV is one such app. Pokemon Fans can use it to watch episodes of the long-running cartoon series, videos that offer players tips and tricks, and competitions. Pokemon The broadcast app was launched on mobile and smart TV in 2019 and is now available for free on Switch.

In addition to being able to watch episodes of the seventh series. Pokemon Free shows, the Pokemon TV app is also launching a junior category with programming for young players and fans.

Twenty-five years after its inception in Japan, Pokemon There is still an incredible amount of success. Last week, the Pokemon company shared more information about its open world. Pokemon Get it Wild breath Title , Pokemon Legends: Arceus As well as updates on upcoming remakes. Pokemon magnificent diamond. And Shining pearls.. Pokemon This year MOBA entered the scene which is very popular and surprisingly accessible. Pokemon Unite And Pokemon Go Five years after its inception, the mobile market is still reeling.

Trainers who want to be the best, as never before, can download the Pokemon TV app from the Nintendo eShop.

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