The Onion Guide to Crispr

The gene-editing technology CRISPR was in the spotlight this week after a biotech startup revealed a mission to use it to revive woolly mammoths by 2027. onions Provides a helpful guide to frequently asked questions about CRISPR technology.

Q: What is CRISPR technology?
A: A disappointment to Americans who were hoping for the name of a new fried fast food chain.

Q: Why is CRISPR so popular?
A: It greatly reduces the cost of researchers to conduct reprehensible and unethical experiments.

Q: What are its possible advantages?
A: CRISPR technology can be used to treat patients with rare genetic diseases who are extremely wealthy.

Q: Is CRISPR technology dangerous?
A: Currently, no, but scholars are working to correct that.

Q: Has CRISPR really been used to bring back extinct species?
A: No, although it has been quietly used to replace every animal that has died over the past five years with a new one created in the lab.

Q: Is genetic modification ethical?
A: It could potentially be very profitable.

Q: I thought that all of God’s creatures are perfect?
A: Humanity has waited long enough for God to do something about left-handedness.

Q: Is this the beginning of the era of eugenics?
A: Not the beginning, no.


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