The officer hit a pedestrian and then came home with the victim’s body: Prosecutor

He allegedly discussed with his mother what to do with the body.

A New Jersey police officer faces a slew of charges after allegedly hitting a pedestrian on a park road, leaving the scene of the accident and then taking the victim’s body home.

Newark Police Officer Luis Santiago, 25, has been charged with reckless murder, desecration of human remains and other related charges after hitting a pedestrian on the Garden State Parkway, according to a statement Thursday from Acting Essex County District Attorney Theodore N. Stevens, II.

On November 1, around 3 a.m., Santiago allegedly hit the victim with a 2005 Honda Accord he was driving and did not call 911. Instead, he left the scene, returned to the scene, put the victim in his car and then returned to the scene with the victim’s body.

Santiago allegedly took the body of victim Damien Z. Prosecutor’s statement.

Police discovered the victim in the back seat of the car after Santiago’s father, a lieutenant with the Newark Police Department, called 911 to report that his son had been in an accident, according to the attorney general’s statement.

Also facing charges are Albert Guzman, 25, of Newark, who was allegedly a passenger in the car at the time, and Santiago’s mother, Annette Santiago, 53, of Bloomfield, according to the statement. Both are charged with conspiracy to desecrate human remains, obstruction of arrest, conspiracy to obstruct arrest and tampering with physical evidence.

Santiago has additional charges, the statement says, including leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death, endangering an injured victim, desecrating/transferring human remains, obstructing one’s arrest, conspiracy to obstruct prosecution, tampering with physical evidence, obstruction of law enforcement, and two counts of misconduct, the statement says. the official.

According to the statement, the three were arrested, charged and released on conditions.

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