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The Nokia Brick phone is back, and everyone is celebrating the millennium.

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The early 2000s were an invincible era, and everyone from music producers to fashionistas are reminiscing about the early days.

Nokia is working on an upgraded version of one of its legendary brick phones. And yes, the game of snakes is back.

The Nokia 6310 first debuted in 2001 (and the Nokia 3310 a year earlier). We all remember how it lasted 50-11 days on a single charge. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Nokia is introducing the latest version of the 6310 which will play the same FM radio and 21 days battery life (I was not exaggerating) like its predecessor. However, the screen will be an inch larger than the original and the body is reduced.

Not coming back Unable to call BA before 7:00 pm because they were not giving minutes of the day.

Based on the LADbible survey, the popular device is considered to be the best cell phone before the iPhone (before the iPhone ?? A pay phone like some of us come back in a few days).

“Brick Phone” in yellow or black on Nokia’s website. Available at 59.99, which is perfect for those who want a phone that actually focuses on calls or really wants to keep up with your next 90s / 2000s costume party situation this Halloween.

Now, T-Mobile Side Kick, this is your trick!

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