The new Miami Heat team debuts at the start of the season

Believe it or not, another season of the Miami Heat basketball is about to begin. Thanks to seasons affected by COVID, there’s a confusing time span: It’s only been a year since the Heat were in the NBA Finals, even though we’ve technically been ruled out two seasons.

With an actual off-season under their belts (unlike last season), the Miami Heat are entering the 2021 season with a completely different squad. They have been renovated, and most importantly, they are comfortable.

A lot has changed since the NBA playoff champions swept the Milwaukee Bucks last season.

With pre-season against the Atlanta Hawks kicking off on October 4th, here’s everything that has changed between their disappointing playoff performance and now.

Kyle Lowry joins the Heat

Thanks to arranging signing and trading with the Toronto Raptors, Kyle Lowry is now the starting point guard for the Miami Heat. Lowry later signed a three-year, $85 million deal upon his arrival in Miami, locking “Big 3” into the heart of Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, and Lowry for the next three seasons.

Miami took some shots in the dark during free agency, then made the final triple pointer. Lowry may be the best player to change teams this season.

Goran Dragic is playing for birds of prey now

In the NBA, you need to give something up to get something. Should Lowry land in Miami, Goran Dragic had to go. A member of Heat since 2015, Dragic has been and always will be a fan favorite. Some are already trying to figure out how Hit can get him back on the road – and that’s just how deep the love goes.

But if the Heat are to compete seriously against the Bucks, Lakers and other strong teams, a major change will be required. Sadly, that was the end of the Dragic with the Heat streak.

Precious go to Canada

Dragic wasn’t the only player to transfer his talents to Canada in the Lowry deal. Precious Ochiwa is on its way north as well. Heat’s first-round pick for 2020 came out promising, but ultimately didn’t work out much when he got the chance to play.

After a fan show with Nigeria at the Olympics, Ichiwa He looked set to turn a corner and fill a role with Miami this season. Instead, he filled the gap of the trade bundle and set out for the Raptors. Precious, WHe hardly knew you.

Akbar Bam

Much like the Miami Heat players, Pam Adebayo was not the same last season. He was injured, tired and generally not performing at his peak. This is what a man will do after only a few weeks of rest between seasons.

This season Pam says that since his shoulder has recovered 100 percent, he’s been able to add 15 pounds of muscle, which is bound to come in handy against stronger and bigger players.

A healthy and stronger Bam as 2021 approaches, is a frightening prospect for opponents who have a tough time against him in 2020, even in his deteriorating state.

Tyler Hero has been arrested

Pam wasn’t the only Heat player to spend his vacation drinking protein shakes and pumping iron. Apparently, Tyler Herro was also spending his days at the gym. Herro debuted his revamped biceps recently and, like Bam, says he’s added 10 to 15 pounds of muscle this off season.

Herro was in desperate need of getting bigger, as his game was suffering because of his opponents’ ability to push him. It looks like it will be difficult to bully Herro in 2021.

Welcome to Miami, PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker began co-starring with the Bucks, a member of the Miami Heat after signing a two-year deal worth $15 million. Tucker brings the toughness and overall defensive intelligence to a team that sorely missed those qualities last season.

Tucker is also able to drain the three points at a decent clip – another asset that will come in handy alongside Bam Adebayo.

Tucker is 36, so he joined the Lowry-Adebayo-Butler plan for three years. If things go south for The Heat this season, they will be able to easily trade it in with a competitor and reclaim some assets.

Markiv Morris is coming to Miami

Another strong rotation signature, Markiv Morris makes the Heat not only a deeper team but, like Tucker, a tougher team. The Heat was pushed last year, and for the most part, it was a soft basketball team that was easily bullied.

Tucker and Maurice aren’t the kind of guys who handle bullying very well. This will not happen again in 2021.

Morris also brings championship pedigree, having won a title with LeBron and the Lakers in the 2019-20 NBA Finals against the Heat.

Getting to know Omar Yurtseven

Omar Yurtseven is an example of why Heat fans should be interested in their Summer League team. Every year, a new player emerges from those minor leagues who end up becoming not only a fan favorite but a great player in the NBA. Omer Yurtseven – a seven-foot center from Turkey – is your newest Miami Heat Summer League project.

After an impressive performance this summer, Miami snatched Yurtseven and included him on the list before another team could snap him up. Seven-foot centers that can drain the three pointers do not grow on palm trees. Miami has found one, and it will be exciting to see him on the field this season.

Jimmy Butler has a new look

Hey, this is an article about the new Miami Heat look, right? Well, Jimmy Butler — after signing the maximum extension that will keep him in Miami for years to come — has a new look, okay. Scroll through his Instagram account above to see the hairstyle that the brave Heat leader is rocking these days.

The Miami Heat will go as far as Jimmy Butler takes this season and for years to come. Pam Adebayo may have the greatest potential, but Jimmy Butler is the leader. From the looks of his social media accounts, he has had some holidays recently and is ready to get back to work on the field.

Loose Straws

Max Strauss was a warm-up player last season with the Miami Heat. This season, it’s likely to be a bench staple. A lot can change in a year!

While there is no guarantee that Strus will earn more minutes, they are definitely heading that way after a strong shutdown last season and a commendable performance in the Summer League. Strauss could see minutes supporting Duncan Robinson and, if warranted, start matches if Robinson is sidelined due to injury.


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