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North Brunswick, NJ (CBS New York) The pandemic has changed things for many small businesses.

company in Middlesex County It had to rethink its business model and serve new clients.

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Her focus changed from office furniture To working from home furniture, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

In a warehouse off Route 1 in North BrunswickThere is a sea of ​​office chairs.

“We write the word ‘ofis’ which means ‘office furniture in stock,'” said Russell Castro, president of OFIS Furniture.

‘Available’ is the key phrase there because it’s very hard to get anything in time because of supply chain issues.

“Our business has improved a lot over the past few months, over the past year, because we are our own supply chain,” Castro said.

Castro and his wife began liquidating expensive office furniture 30 years ago. Since the pandemic began, many large companies have consolidated office space, so it has had a lot of new supply and demand.

“We were getting calls from all the employees who were working from home,” Castro said.

People were fine giving up their commute, but not their upscale, supportive office chair. Castro had to switch gears and start selling directly to individuals one chair at a time, rather than reselling hundreds at once to businesses.

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One of the big benefits of coming to the warehouse, he said, was to test drive the chairs instead of ordering blindly online.

New York City’s Michael Nelson ordered a chair from a different company that took weeks to arrive and was uncomfortable. He said his body was hurting because of his old work chair.

“It’s a jungle out there when you’re trying to do these things online in exchange for the ability to go somewhere, and frankly, there aren’t many places where you can get into a showroom, and quite frankly, I don’t want to go out and spend $1,300 in retail to buy it,” Nelson said. chair”.

Nelson said he ended up getting a more comfortable chair from OFIS for a few hundred dollars. Items in stock are a fraction of the original price.

Once they switched to retail, Andrea Castro says, they had families entering, suddenly needing desks and chairs for virtual learning and working from home.

She showed Becker a chair designed by Hermann Miller that she says is a full list price of $800 to $900, but “we sell this for about $250 to $300.”

Standing desks are another hot item. Castros said they have adapted to save their business and have their backs all over the place.

All items on site have been refurbished to look like new. OFIS calls itself an eco-friendly company, recycling underutilized office items and keeping them from ending up in landfill.

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CBS2’s Meg Baker contributed to this report.


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