The new Chromecast bundle comes with a 3 month HBO Max

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The new Chromecast bundle comes with a 3 month HBO Max

Justin Devino

If you’re looking to buy a streaming stick, try cashing in on the latest Chromecast with the Google TV bundle. For only $ 65, you get a free Chromecast with HBO Max for three months. The Chromecast typically costs 50 50, and the HBO Max ad-free plan costs $ 15 a month, which means you can save a total of سے 30 on the deal.

We ranked Chromecast 8-10 / 10 with Google TV in a review late last year. Thanks to its low cost, personalized features, clean interface, and reliable performance, it is an excellent streaming stick. In addition, it integrates perfectly with YouTube TV and Google Assistant, two important features for those who are deep into the Google ecosystem.

While this bundle isn’t as good as the Chrome 90 Chromecast with the 6-month Netflix Dell, it’ll be worth it if you’re a fan of HBO Max’s killer library of shows and movies. Since its inception, HBO Max has been able to offer the full range Looney Tunes And Studio Gibli Libraries, in addition Leocraft Country, Passion, And other break hits.

You can check out all of Google’s Chromecast bundles on the company’s web store. Note that the 3 month HBO Max contract only works if you are opening a new HBO Max account. Of course, you can probably skirt around this need using different email addresses and payment methods ۔ (You didn’t hear that from me.)

Source: via Google Verge

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