The Nasdaq 100 ETF 3-Stage Short is the most active stock on the US stock exchange

ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF

It was down 3.0% on heavy midday trading Thursday, like the Invesco QQQ ETF
+ 0.86%
Who tracks the NASDAQ 100 index?
+ 0.85%
It jumped 0.9%, with 85 of the 103 stock components gaining. Volume in UltraPro Short QQQs, which aims to triple the performance of the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100, swelled to 164.9 million shares, already more than the full-day average of about 124.5 million shares, and enough to make the triple QQQs the most traded stocks. on major US stock exchanges. With the tech sector selling over the past two weeks, short triple QQQs are up 12.9% since closing at a record low of $5.89 on November 19 to a one-month close on Wednesday of $6.65. During the same time, QQQs fell 4.2% while the S&P 500
+ 1.68%

It fell 3.9%.


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