The music director of a Florida church killed a wife and two children: Sheriff

Authorities said a Florida man shot dead his 30-year-old wife and two adult children in their home — shooting each victim multiple times until they “didn’t suffer.”

William Conway Broyles, who serves as the music director at a church in Jacksonville, shot his 57-year-old wife Candice in the living room of their Callahan home early Wednesday, WJXT mentioned.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Lieber said Broyles then went to his 27-year-old daughter’s room and shot her when she woke up before he set his sights on his 28-year-old son, who was also shot.

“This case is just tragic,” Lieber told a news conference. “It’s just crazy. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Broyles called 911 after he allegedly executed his family but said he took their last moments into account.

“Later, he told us he shot each victim multiple times, just to make sure they didn’t suffer,” Lieber said. “When he asked why he didn’t shoot himself, he said he was too scared to do so.”

The arrest report identified the victims as Candice, Kara and Aaron Broyles, According to WJXT. Lieber said there was no previous history of domestic issues in the family home.

“It doesn’t make sense to look at all the circumstances that led us to believe this happened,” Sharif WJXX . saidAdding that the motive is still under investigation.

Lieber said Broyles’ daughter may have had autism, but she was a high-functioning performer, WJXX reported.

Records show that Broyles has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and is still being held without evidence at the Nassau County Jail. It is not clear if he has appointed an attorney who can comment on his behalf.

that Online CV He tells Broyles at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church that he has served as Director of Music Ministries for the past 23 years.

William Conway Broyles
Police respond to the shooting of Broyles’ wife and children.
WJXT / YouTube

The site reads: “Bill has been happily married for 30 years to Candice and they have three children, sons Evan and Aaron and daughter Kara, along with three young Corgi.” “In his spare time, Bill enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, reworking vintage cars, and home and garden projects.”

Letters seeking comment from church officials Wednesday were not returned, WJXT reported Wednesday.


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