The mothers of the nation demand to know where I heard that word

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The Mothers of the Nation held a press conference Thursday, demanding to know where the word was heard. “Come here, sir—come here currently38-year-old Dendra O’Neill from Austin said, Texas who was just one of the millions of mothers from small towns and big cities nationwide who converged in the United StateswhistleIn order to get to the bottom of the place where you learned to speak that way at this moment. “What did I just hear you say? Too afraid to repeat it in front of me now, huh? Did Brian say that? Did you learn that from one of your classmates? Maybe in Cameron’s place? Well, we don’t talk like that in this house. Oh no, we don’t.” We do.” At the time of writing, widespread panic had spread across the country after the Mothers of the Nation announced that there would be no more video games.


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