The mother and sister of the young woman who was stabbed at Sefton Plaza have refused to release her on bail

The mother and sister of a young Muslim woman who was stabbed by family members because she was dating a Christian man told Adelaide Court they had “no prior knowledge” of the attack.

The mother and sister, aged 55 and 28, were among five family members facing charges of attempted murder over the alleged attack.

Police allege the victim was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen with a large kitchen knife at the Sefton Plaza shopping centre, north of Adelaide, on Tuesday morning.

Investigators arrested her 56-year-old father and 30-year-old brother that morning, before arresting a third man on Tuesday night.

Her mother and sister were arrested Wednesday morning.

The two women appeared together in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court today, where they were denied bail.

Their attorney, Claire O’Connor, told the court that the women drove to the scene in a separate car for the men and had no prior knowledge that the stabbing would occur.

The court heard that the women had also picked up a friend of the victim, who was in the car at the time of the accident, and arranged to meet the victim and give her a laptop and some study materials.

Ms O’Connor told the court: “There is no allegation that there was any conspiracy or that any of these women knew what was going to happen.”

The police crime scene investigation car parked in the parking lot of the shopping center
Crime scene investigators at a North Adelaide shopping center after the incident.(ABC News: Mahalia Carter)

The defense attorney told the court that a witness saw the victim’s father get out of a Holden Cruise wagon holding a knife and then stab his daughter.

She added that the mother sustained injuries to her hands and stomach during the conflict.

Ms O’Connor has argued that bail should be given, saying the 28-year-old accused woman is still breastfeeding, and has another child who needs medical attention.

But the police opposed bail, with Attorney General Michelle Adams telling the court that neither of the women had contact with triple-0, even when one of their immediate family members returned to the family home and was bleeding profusely.

“The victim has major concerns for her safety,” Ms Adams said.

The prosecution told the court that the “attempted murder was motivated by cultural reasons.”

Yesterday the court heard The victim is from a Muslim family who did not approve of the Christian man she was dating.

Judge Jayanthi McGrath refused to release her on bail, saying she was not satisfied that there was compelling evidence to grant her.

“The need to protect the victim is very high and that’s why I’m refusing bail,” she said.

Upon hearing that she had been remanded in custody until March 2022, the woman began to cry.

She said, “Please, I don’t want to do anything wrong, please release me.”

The three defendants appeared in Port Adelaide Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday afternoon, where they did not apply for bail.

The victim is still in hospital with internal bleeding and liver and kidney damage.


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