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10- Ecstasy (1933)

In 1933, the Austrian star Heidi Lamar (who also had an impressive parallel career as an inventor) appeared in the Czech erotic drama Ecstasy playing Eva, who gave us the first female orgasm in cinema history. This is simply a close-up shot of her face, after her lover’s head has disappeared from under the frame, she is abandoning herself for pleasure and pleasure. There were some obvious incisors – with her hand, caressing some material, a pearl necklace fell to the ground. Next, Eva relentlessly smokes a cigarette and does her duty to establish one of cinema’s greatest post-coital films.

John Cameron Mitchell’s sexually diverse kink comedy inspired by adventure Evenings The director lived in New York at the turn of the century – and is set around “Shortbus,” a club that its host describes as “a salon for the talented and the defiant.” The opening scene of this movie is one of the great moments of self-eroticism: self-adulteration in gymnastics, complete with a happy ending, plus everything else that makes the joke about why dogs lick their balls obsolete.

The stuttering acting may have been lacking in erotic cinema, but award-winning Albert Serra’s historical fiction gave the entire subject a touch of sophistication. In the years before the French Revolution, a group of disfigured libertarians—aristocrats expelled from the court of Louis XVI—gathered in their carriages in a forest to watch other aristocrats do perverted things in a moonlit space, sometimes sharing themselves. Like vampires, they feed off of each other’s sadistic thoughts while one eagerly succumbs to being terribly beaten.

Disney isn’t well known for its eroticism, but one moment in this classic alluded frankly to the sexuality of its protagonist, Simba. After Simba is deceived and made orphaned by the evil tricks of his evil uncle Scar, Simba flees into exile where he grows into a lion and meets his childhood friend Nala, who is now a beautiful lioness. They fall in love and sing the song Can You Feel the Love Tonight. This is a resounding yes. At one point, Nala crouches in an overt sexual position.

The difficult subject of human-animal relations has been depicted in numerous films, including in Woody Allen’s Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Sex *(*But We Were Afraid to Ask) (Sheep), Max Moon Amore (Chimpanzee) by Nagisma Oshima and Robinson Devor Zoo (Horse). But it had to be the most purely outrageous picture in The Beast by the master of eroticism Walerian Borowczyk. A young American woman inherits a fortune on the condition that she marry a strange French aristocrat and horse breeder whose ancestors had a strange relationship with a huge beast living in the woods. Soon, the sexual needs of this creature became horribly obvious.

The concept of sex with cars has filmmakers rocking with thoughtful nods at David Cronenberg’s Crash and Palme d’Or-winning Titane by Julia Docornau. But Ridley Scott outperformed all those snoozers at Cannes with the stunning scene in his thriller The Counsellor. In this, Cameron Diaz has sex with a sports car – a yellow Ferrari California – belonging to Javier Bardem’s character as Javier looks on in amazement from the driver’s seat, spreading herself closely across the windshield without underwear. Bardem later described it indifferently as “like one of those bottom feeders you see going up the side of the sink”. The scene was filmed at Stoke Park Golf Course in Buckinghamshire.

4 – Moonraker (1979)

In 007, Roger Moore returns to Earth victorious after saving the planet from the evil intergalactic plans of Hugo Drax, played by Michael Lonsdale, and so the various major figures from American and British intelligence are corrected to what was going on in his spacecraft via a live video link – to find Bond Ceremonial zero-gravity sex with NASA scientist Dr. Holly Goodhead, played by Louis Chiles. “Oh my God, what is Bond doing?” Senior diplomat stutters. “I think he’s trying to get back up again, sir,” says Q – one of the most recent gags in Bond history.

This movie has always been more bizarre and satirical than sensational (although it is said to have popularized the dangerous practice of self-suffocation in the United States). Diet sex plays a big role. Innkeeper Kichi (Tatsuya Fuji) begins an obsessive affair with maid Sada (Eiko Matsuda), raising the theme of food being moistened with each other’s bodies and then dominating them to insert an egg closely and then “lay” it back like a hen. This is part of the surreal and bizarre sexual theater that the two enact.

Here it is: what many believe to be the coolest doll sex scene in history, or simply the best sex scene in history, and one of the most outspoken. In this puppet drama, Gary (voiced by Trey Parker) is a sensitive Broadway actor who is recruited into the elite group of Special Forces, Team America, so he can infiltrate an international criminal cell using his power of sympathy. Lisa (voiced by Kristen Miller) is the beautiful psychologist who directs Team America’s complex counterterrorism strategies. The two engage in brutal sex, in a scene that brutally exposes how timidly and elusive Hollywood depicts non-puppet human sex scenes. Lisa’s resemblance to Lady Penelope made the Thunderbirds even more popular in the UK.

Diego Luna, Maribel Verdo and Gael García Bernal V and your mother too.
Diego Luna, Maribel Verdo and Gael García Bernal V and your mother too. Photo: Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy

A really messy, romantic, comedic and emotional sex scene. Young men Tenoc and Julio, played by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, embark on a crazy road trip with a glamorous and liberated elderly woman, played by Maribel Verdo, who has secret problems of her own. They are infatuated with her, and you have sex with them individually in an effort to relieve the hormonal atmosphere of stress and competition. But she feels there might be something else going on as well and in the show scene, they meet for a threesome in a hotel room where she shrugs – leaving the two boys passionately kissing and having sex.

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