The most dangerous and distorted allegations in the movement of front-line doctors in America against vaccinations against the Corona virus

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The most dangerous and distorted allegations in the movement of front-line doctors in America against vaccinations against the Corona virus

On the sidelines, Pro-Trump Medical Group المجموعة Probably famous for highlighting a file Infamous coronavirus truer focused on the alleged medical dangers of demonic sperm المنوية Submit a request to stop covid-19 vaccinations in the United States on Monday.

Among the other wild assertions in the predictably absurd document, the lawsuit seeking an injunction filed by “Front Line Doctors of America” ​​falsely claims that the three vaccines authorized for emergency use in the United States do not actually curb the spread of the deadly virus. Also: that the coronavirus is not a public health emergency. This is the same pandemic that has killed more than 600,000 Americans while showing signs of a nationwide resurgence in recent days with the highly contagious delta variant, which almost exclusively harms unvaccinated people.

But the madness doesn’t stop there. The fear is that a movement like this, which may be legally hopeless but targets the US Department of Health and Human Services, could have a real and malign impact as the Biden administration combats disinformation nationwide.

Dr. Peter Hotez, a pediatrician and virologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, believes the distorted claims made in Monday’s movement are far more dangerous than an “anti-vaccine propaganda ploy.” over the past week, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) It reported that daily new cases increased by nearly 70 percent nationwide and deaths related to the deadly virus increased by 26 percent. The vast majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are in those who have not been vaccinated.

“This will scare people not to get the vaccine,” Hotez told the Daily Beast. This movement directly contributes to anti-vaccine disinformation. it’s dangerous.”

The speech is not surprising for the group that once drew an audience with former Vice President Mike Pence and went viral last July to promote hydroxychloroquine as an appropriate treatment against COVID-19. The group was founded by Dr. Simon Gold, who is now facing charges for his participation in the capital riots, most notably at one time Dr. Stella EmmanuelA woman who believes that medical illnesses are caused by having sex with demons through dreams and that alien DNA can be used in actual treatment.

As previously reported by The Daily Beast, the group has been targeting COVID-19 vaccines since at least December, when it organized a meeting with several conservative influencers and even protested in front of the CDC in Atlanta. The group and their lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

To combat misinformation, Hotez — a columnist for the Daily Beast — has helped dismantle some of the more outlandish (and wrong) allegations in the “Frontline Doctors of America” ​​movement that he says seeks to “create a demonstration experiment to promote anti-vaccination.”

False Claim 1: The Three Coronavirus Vaccines Don’t Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In the movement, the group boldly claims that CDC data shows the two-dose vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer and that the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine is “ineffective in treating or preventing” COVID-19. However, Hotez notes that the three vaccinations “not only reduce symptomatic up to 95 percent and asymptomatic diseases in the least 90 percent, but stop the release of the virus.” Simply put, even if vaccines are not 100 percent effective in stopping the spread of the deadly virus, the more people vaccinated, the lower the spread.

“If enough people are vaccinated, you stop transmission,” he said. “it is easy.”

Hotez, who worked on a separate vaccine with colleagues at Texas Children’s Hospital Vaccine Development Center In Houston, he also demolished the group’s false claim that vaccines were developed within 48 hours and therefore could not be safe. Highlighting that the current pandemic is “the third major coronavirus pandemic in the last century,” Hotez noted that developing current vaccines is “in no way a new concept.”

“Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines are built on the basis of research and development that has been in the works for at least the last decade,” Hotez said. These two vaccines are also the mRNA vaccine, which was first identified in the 1960s. So the concept of developing these two vaccines within two days is completely wrong.”

False Claim 2: Vaccines are more harmful to minors than the virus itself

In the movement, the group falsely claims that minors under the age of 18 face a “statistically zero chance of dying” from COVID-19, when the vaccine could leave them susceptible to carditis or myocarditis. The In fact, the CDC has reported about 300 cases of heart problem in young people last month, but the number of 20 million were vaccinated, indicating that the number is a statistical “extremely rare,” Hotez noted.

And the incidence of myocarditis in young people is about 1 in 70,000. Statistically not to worry,” he said, adding that there are more cases of young people who have contracted myocarditis from COVID-19 itself than from the vaccine. Myocardial infarction from COVID-19 is much higher than you got it from the vaccine.”

False Claim 3: Americans Brainwashed by Pandemic Fear – and Unfairly Agreed to a Vaccine

In one of the more insane claims in the 67-page memo, the group notes that the nationwide shutdowns that took place last year to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus manipulated Americans for a life-saving blow. It is a move they claim resembles “authoritarian and totalitarian conditions”.

In an attempt to prove this point with a graph that appears to have been taken directly from the Canadian Internet, the group also claims that the guidelines put in place last year are similar to the brainwashing methods used by Communists in the 1950s. Among the claims in the chart is the idea that the government tried to develop “total surveillance using nanochips and 5G” — false conspiracies about the coronavirus that are popular on the far right and have been repeatedly refuted by scientists.

“Americans have been brainwashed into not accepting COVID vaccines because they have been brainwashed into anti-vaccine aggressiveness,” Hotez said on Tuesday. “They are brainwashing them with anti-science aggression and a vaccine. Misinformation causes more damage.”

False Claim 4: Forcing previously infected people to get vaccinated will make them sick

In the proposal, the group expressed grave concern to individuals who received the vaccine after previously testing positive for COVID-19, noting that “this group has reported serious medical harm, including death.” However, Hotez noted that there is no data to support this claim. He explained that the group was trying to use vaccine-driven disease enhancement — or the phenomenon by which components of the immune system that should protect against COVID-19 would make individuals worse — to justify their claim with appropriate data.

the doctor Noted a November 2020 “Science Translational Medicine” review, Which concluded that the data did not support any concern about this optimization theory anymore “than is appropriate for the development of any viral vaccine”.

There is no higher mortality rate for those who receive the vaccine. There was no evidence linking this to this vaccine,” he said, noting that while the concept was a concern at the start of vaccine development, there hasn’t been a major problem since the vaccine was introduced in December.

There is no evidence that people who have contracted COVID-19 are at any medical risk after receiving the vaccine. The antibody response can handle it.”

Regardless of the medical claims debunked, Georgetown University global health expert Lawrence Justin said that while the proposal could start a “legal flood against our vaccination system,” it wouldn’t stop a vaccination process that has been widely successful in The United States states. But like Hotez, he was concerned about the real-world impact of legal issues like this one.

“This type of [injunction] It is a disgrace to the USA. until launch [motion], no matter what happens – they will lose it – only assures Trump supporters that this vaccine cannot be trusted.” “This is what will cause thousands and thousands of preventable deaths and it is completely irresponsible.”


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