The most common influencer marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

August 24, 2021

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It is not surprising that brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to acquire new customers and communicate with their existing customers. Over the past decade, companies have been forced to adapt to a consumer-oriented approach if they want to continue to make a difference. After all, there is a strong way of communicating with consumers in the direct context of repeated sales and continued brand loyalty.

With more social media attention now than ever before, most brands are exploring influential marketing. This goes hand in hand with the value of this communication channel: Consumers are glued to social media and use it as a source of news, information, communication, distractions and entertainment. Whether you are a personal fanatic on Instagram or choose one of the many other social media sites, you must check out the footprints of your brand in this digital space if you want to run a successful business.

Many brands have been successful with influential marketing, but that does not mean that it will work seamlessly for anyone trying to launch a campaign. There are some common challenges that many will face and need to navigate to connect with their customers effectively. Here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid from the beginning.

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Collaborate with an influencer who is not in line with the brand’s goals

The biggest mistake most brands make is collaborating with the wrong influencer who is not in line with their goals and brands. Historical evidence suggests that the influencer’s followers and the success of his previous campaigns are not related to the success of his campaign. This means only one thing: well-organized collaboration is more important than issues and good analysis.

In addition, from my many years of experience running a multi-million dollar marketing and SEO business, I know that influential campaigns with influencers can actually be much more effective than collaborating with a party that is largely followed. Why? Because influencers with less support and a more specific niche can have a much stronger impact on their followers – who feel less like promotion and more like recommendations.

If an influencer does not match your audience, he or she will never create that precious connection. The reason why influencer marketing is so effective is because of that connecting factor. In the beginning, many brands were simply hiring influencers with the most followers to promote their offerings.

The idea was so new that it was to some extent effective regardless of which factor was based on numbers and returns, even with a low participation rate. Now consumers are smarter and influencers are much higher, so your influence must be perfectly in line with your audience to be effective.

Focus on the quality of followers of potential affiliates rather than how many they have. An influencer with 10,000 fully co-ordinated followers will often perform much better than a random influencer with a few million that do not apply.

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Come up with non-creative campaign ideas

Many brands will hire an influencer and give him or her general content to advertise and expect incredible results. What happens? Usually nothing really. These posts stand out like sore thumbs as they look like shouting ads and have participation numbers that dwarf the person’s normal content.

No one wins when the campaign lacks creativity. You have to think of a fun and engaging campaign angle if the influencing partnership is long-term. Think of ways to integrate contests, giveaways, questions and answers, and so on.

The more you can get the influence, the better the results will be. It will often take some communication between an influencer and his followers to achieve measurable results. Consumers are very aware of influential marketing and if the effort feels less than genuine, most people will feel and see it as an influencer’s money development.

If you are just testing the waters and making individual entries, have the influencer promote your product or service in a way that he feels comfortable doing. Giving influential creative control will result in more genuine throws and better results than if you just give them a picture or video to publish.

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Position yourself as a brand with no strategy or purpose

Brands that have a purpose beyond selling and making money are better received when they are promoted by an influencer. If there is a cause or purpose behind the brand, this gives the influencer a creative way to promote their product or service to their followers. Even a story could lift a marketing campaign and make it stand out from the hundreds of ads that consumers view daily. Brands with a history are always more likely to sell in the markets today.

What are you passionate about? Is there a reason why your brand stands behind and supports? Whether it’s donating a percentage of profits to charities or supporting community initiatives, let them know.

When an influencer can lead, it is seen as a promotion of a brand with the purpose of supporting, not just a brand that wants to earn money and turn the influencer’s followers into sales. Aim to be a discriminating producer – not just another brand that wants to take advantage of a big player.

When your brand is promoted in this way, it can create loyal long-term brand supporters who not only become repeat buyers but also act as loyal ambassadors who help spread your message of purpose.

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