The Morning Show is a great, well-made fantasy…I can’t give a bird a look about it

The first – and perhaps the only – criterion for cultural acceptance of almost any kind is “Does anyone care?” Hamlet is a prince in Denmark, which by most standards means he needs to raise his privilege and reduce mischief. But since Shakespeare in his metaphor and poetry brings Hamlet’s interests into alignment with our own, we care passionately about what happens to him. (Note: This does not apply to all princes.)

Which brings us, with an occasional but enduring touch, to Apple TV+ morning show: a highly competent, good-looking, remarkably well-made, well-acted, well-written novel…which I find very difficult to give the shape of a bird about.

The problem, at least for me, is simple. The bets are here The fate of an American morning news program. Will the presenters (Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon) keep their jobs, and will the show go on, will it actually lead to the collapse of the entire jihad dam network? However, the place for news shows, chat shows, late shows, and even the idea of ​​each type of TV show being a “show” is very different in America.

The audience’s relationship with their broadcasters is also the same. Are we going to grab a story about Huw Edwards moving to the 6 o’clock because Tim Davie thought he was a heavyweight and that Mishaal Hussain was giving a counter-briefing like Malcolm Tucker? (Actually…) Anyway, in the end, the fate of The Morning Show and everyone who sails with it is less important to me than the fate of a missing sock.

Then there is the anist-spoon puzzle. Both are good actors, and sometimes in the first series, Aniston broke into friends who only knew her as Rachel. But both are also international stars whose mere signing is reason enough to commission a TV show. So, if one of the main plot threads in this first episode is, is Alex Levy (played by Jennifer Aniston) going back to host The Morning Show, on a series called The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy, well, forgive me if I’m not on Heavy hook.


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