The Meteorological Service says that warm early rain with a high of 60 degrees

Forecasters said daytime temperatures Thursday will likely rise to 60 — although it’s the second day of winter due to meteorology — as a record-breaking warm Midwest front “pushes north” the tri-zone.

Early risers on Thursday may experience some rain.

There is a 30% chance of a shower before 7 a.m., after which the clouds may persist, with a warm, humid southwest breeze reaching 14 mph, the National Weather Service said.

Friday should be sunny and a bit cooler during the day – only 45 or so highs are expected.

It should also be a sunny weekend—although Friday and Saturday nights can be cloudy, according to the weather service.

And both days should be fairly moderate: Saturday’s high will be around 47; Sunday is milder than 54.

At night, temperatures all week drop to freezing.

Work week likely to start with rain: 60% odds after 1am on Monday, same odds as Monday afternoon, after 1pm

Monday could see temperatures soar to 58 degrees during the day; After that, temperatures will cool to the mid-40s during the days, the Met Office said.

Tuesday’s sunny skies could be followed by more heavy rain Wednesday, when chances are 50%.


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