The Marine Corps Marathon has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns for the second year in a row

A live, in-person show of the Marine Corps Marathon has begun again for the second year in a row due to COVID-19 concerns. Organizers said the race was suspended on Tuesday for “security and safety precautions”.

Runners hoping to compete in the annual marathon, one of the most awaited sporting events in the nation’s capital, will have to settle for a virtual one.

“After all possibilities have been exhausted, the opportunity to operate safely and carry out a live event is not feasible at this time,” Marine Corps Marathon Director Rick Nellis said in a statement.

The hypothetical marathon, whether it is a 26-mile or 10-kilometer race, must be completed between October 1 and November 10 – the birthday of the Marine Corps.

“Although we have high hopes of welcoming the refinement of our athletic community in October, we are excited that we are still able to celebrate the 46th Run of the People’s Marathon ‘almost’,” said Mr. Nellis.

Other major marathons go ahead with live races.

More than 30,000 participants are expected to take part in the 50th race of the New York City TCS Marathon on November 7. The track will take runners through different neighborhoods of New York City’s five boroughs — Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, organizers said Manhattan.

New York Marathon officials said more than 1 million spectators and 10,000 volunteers will line the street to support the runners.

The Boston Marathon, easily the most popular in the country, is choosing to run a live race this year. Boston Athletic Association officials said in a statement that all participants will need to provide evidence of vaccination or test negative for COVID-19 in order to participate in the October 11 race.

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