The Manchester United striker transfer meeting cannot come soon enough

This is not the first time Edinson Cavani Instagram Story was left open to interpretation. Cavani screenshot Premier League A statement that the clubs voted to withdraw their international players from playing in the red list countries, accompanied by three big question marks in bold.

He’s not the only one left with questions. I did Manchester United Inform Cavani (and Fred) before issuing the statement? Does Cavani oppose the unanimous decision made by the 20 Premier League clubs? It’s something for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to address on Friday.

Come to Cavani’s possible participation at Wolverhampton on Sunday, it will be 65 days since he last played (for Uruguay). It will be 95 days since he previously appeared for United in the Europa League final.

Regardless of Uruguay’s red-list placement by the UK government, United will be reluctant to allow Cavani to return to South America for three matches in six days. The 34-year-old is apparently able to start once a week at club level and has missed the entire pre-season, as well as United’s first two games.

Cavani’s conditioning threatened to drive a wedge between player and club during those dark and damp days of isolation in February and March. Cavani privately announced that he was unavailable for matches when the medical staff allowed him to play before withdrawing at 11 o’clock from the squad to travel to Milan.

His purple patch in April and May was for a world-class striker, leading United to convince Cavani to extend his lease in Manchester for another year. Seventeen goals have been a successful comeback, and Solskjaer has already set the challenge for Cavani to surpass that number this season.

Cavani won’t be bothered watching Anthony Martial swing by the tip of the arrow in Southampton on Sunday. Solskjaer showed at St Mary’s that there will be times when Mason Greenwood is moved to the right.

The moment Solskjaer and Cavani tangled in the Carrington press room in April, United’s plans for a new number nine until next year stalled. So something had to go badly wrong for Ed Woodward to suggest that Matt Judge call Daniel Levy this week.

employment Monday Night Football , Gary Neville was baffled by United’s lack of Harry Kane, arguing that it would likely increase their points total to at least 90.

Well, the obvious sticking point is that Kane wants to go to City and Neville should know that, as Kane absolutely confirmed it in an interview in May by glorifying Kevin De Bruyne. As part of the restart to hiring two years ago, United decided to pursue goals that had been sold and invested in playing for the club. This reduces the value of Kane, who was confined to City when he rocked the boat at Spurs.

Kane wants to move to Manchester

Neville was on the field at St George’s Park and Wembley at the start of Kane’s international career and Kane was comfortable enough to give Neville access to him late last season. Spurs privately decided in early July not to sell Kane. Neville FC will be in the market for the striker next year and Kane is institutionally admired at United. Kane’s PR attack spreads to Monday Night Football .

Neville has echoed most United supporters by questioning United’s reluctance to ‘take that extra step in the transfer window’, but distorted his analysis by focusing on Kane when an athletic defensive midfielder is the last piece. Kane would cost around £150m and United almost lost that amount in 17 months of home games with the revolving doors closed. They have committed to investing £115.9 million in Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

“They still have to replace Cavani and Martial next summer,” Neville confirmed. “Marcial won’t do that, Cavani only has one year left.”

There could be a massive exodus at United next year, when the contracts of Cavani, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba expire. Martial had two good seasons in six and started his seventh with a familiar deficit. The 25-year-old is tied up at United until 2024 and next summer will be the window to cash in.

Tony Martial, disdain again
Tony Martial, disdain again

Spurs happened to be a fan of Martial three years after Levi’s phone call to Woodward. Martial could thrive outside the pressure cooker with United at a club that has won the League Cup twice in the last 30 years.

Next month, United will hold their first recruitment meeting to prepare for next summer and the striker is already the priority. If Kane is a Tottenham player this time around next week, Erling Haaland will be a more attractive option for City next year, when the €75m release clause becomes active. Solskjaer and director of football John Murtaugh agree that Haaland is the favorite long-term target number nine.

There have been conflicting whispers about Solskjaer and Haaland’s relationship since he turned down United in the winter of 2019, when the club tried to sack his agent Mino Raiola from the deal. Solskjaer said he was still in contact with Haaland but was unhappy about the unexpected rejection.

Ever since that picture of young Kylian Mbappe appeared, sitting on his bed with his wall plastered with Cristiano Ronaldo posters, the expectation has always been that he will end up at Real Madrid. Even in a barren summer where Florentino Perez was left licking his wounds after losing the Premier League, Real Madrid offered €160m for Mbappe.

Marker Haaland littered last week under the title: “Without losing sight of Haaland.” Raiola is keen to move the elite to Real Madrid.

He asks more questions for United. Ken may be the answer.


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