The man who attacked the officers during the Capital riots is accused of running for office

  • A man accused of assaulting officers during a Capitol attack is running for office in Texas.
  • Mark Middleton and his wife Jillis face federal charges related to the coup.
  • The Texas Republican Party has accepted Middleton’s candidacy, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

A Texas man accused of assaulting police officers during the Capitol riots is not allowing a slate of pending federal charges to stop him from seizing political power.

Forstberg’s Mark Middleton is running for the Texas State House seat, while he and his wife have been charged with multiple counts of involvement in the January 6 uprising. Federal prosecutors say Middleton and his wife, Jalis, attacked two DC police officers during the siege and later boasted in a Facebook video that they were among the first to violate the capital.

According to a criminal complaint, Middleton, 52, said in the deleted video, “We are on the front lines. We helped remove the barriers. Thrown. ” “There’s no need to be silly anymore! Jalis and I have to go back to the hotel and try to change clothes again, to wear dry clothes. Make America Great Again! Freedom!”

According to a public filing on The Texas Secretary of State’s website by The Dallas Morning News, Middleton is challenging Republican David Speller in House District 68 in the March 2022 Republican primary.

Splur, of Jacksonboro, Texas, has been in office since March 2021, after winning a special election in February.

The Texas State Republican Party has accepted Middleton’s candidacy, according to the Secretary of State’s website. Party spokesman James Wesolick told the Washington Post that the organization must accept all applications that are eligible under the Texas Election Code.

Texas election rules state that a candidate running for office is “ultimately not convicted of a crime that did not result in the person being pardoned or otherwise disqualified.”

Both Middleton and his wife pleaded not guilty to all nine counts in May following the April arrests. The couple’s trial date has not yet been set. They are free on personal identity bonds.

Mark and Jules Middleton

Mark and Jules Middleton.

FBI, US Department of Justice

In addition to the assault charges, Middleton and his wife have been accused of obstructing law enforcement, obstructing justice, knowingly entering or remaining in a confined space, engaging in disorderly conduct, and engaging in physical violence. And faces violent entry charges.

Earlier this month, at least 10 Republicans who attended the “Stop the Steel” rally before the Capital invasion won local government elections in six states, although most had violated the Capitol or its aftermath. He refused to take an active part in the violence. No one was charged with the crime.

Investigators say Middleton and his wife were captured in photos and video of them participating in the riots. The FBI has obtained a body-worn video showing Middleton shouting at police officers for more than 30 seconds as they pushed against the police line during the attack. According to the complaint, Middleton then grabbed an officer’s hand or wrist and pulled him forward.

Middleton declined to comment.

Its campaign website details its platform, which includes increasing border security, gun rights protection, parental rights, and Texas sovereignty, which may include “research” on secession. ۔

“As far as the union can be saved, we must work towards that goal,” his website said. “However, the time has come for the Texas Union to seriously consider expelling us. We must protect the rights and sovereignty of all taxis.”

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