The leader of orthodontic marketing announces 3 options for social media marketing

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The leader of orthodontic marketing announces 3 options for social media marketing

NOVATO, California., June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kaleidoscope [], the leading digital marketing company for orthodontic surgery, announces our descriptive journey on the service wheels of our new station … first stop:


CEO, Ted Teele offers this, “Social media marketing has become increasingly important for physicians as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. Research shows that 86% of people check online exercises before making an appointment. What will they find on your social media pages? Social media marketing Kaleidoscope “spoke” in our service wheel provides really great digital capabilities for all orthodontics, dentistry and medical care. “

Kaleidoscope offers three possibilities:

  1. Drive yourself. Let’s use our platform and marketing materials.
  2. Take Turns Driving. With training and guidelines to promote maximum participation.
  3. Speed ​​control… Let us do everything for you.

Using social media as part of your marketing journey is like any story you could tell about a truly amazing journey … and storytelling … is EVERYTHING! Every company starts with a story and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will welcome the posts of each exercise and spread their custom orthodontic love around the world as the job increases in both popularity and profitability!

A kaleidoscope

Founded in 2011 by Charis Santillie, Kaleidoscope is a technology-driven marketing company that provides private cars for orthodontics, dentistry and medicine. Mary Kay Miller a very successful ‘Orthopreneur’ member merged with Kaleidoscope in January 2021 and enhanced marketing capabilities, staff and genius. This merged company is now managed by a successful entrepreneur / CEO, Ted Teele.

Kaleidoscope customized a powerful technology platform that has transformed content management into a multi-channel content marketing system that pushes stunning graphics, customized messages and personalized web, social media and digital signage.

Kaleidoscope offers a powerful digital marketing technology stack for orthodontic marketing, dental marketing and medical marketing. The special digital technology platform is an innovative machine behind a marketing solution that focuses on helping practices grow and prosper.

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