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The iRobot Roomba update uses AI to avoid knocking on your Christmas tree.

iRobot has released a holiday update for its latest robot vacuum cleaners to help them handle the demands of cleaning Christmas trees. The j7 and j7 plus RoboX can now identify and avoid shoes and socks.

The festive trees, shoes and socks feature iRobot’s latest navigation and control software, which was first released in August last year. This software uses Machine Vision to identify furniture and define “clean zones”. For example, you may have a dining table that you want Rumba to clean up after, especially after a chaotic family meal. There are also “cape out zones” that a Rumba can advise to avoid, such as the area under the TV stand filled with cables to catch it.

So when it comes to Christmas trees, the j7 and j7 plus will be able to suggest a “clean zone” around the tree, where you can instruct him to vacuum the pine needles in particular. There will be a “Cape Out Zone” in the middle. Prevent it from hitting a tree and risk it falling. I personally have never had a problem knocking on Rumba’s Christmas tree, but it is helpful to instruct him to vacuum specifically around the tree, rather than to make the whole room permanent with it. To be vacuumed. According to iRobot’s release note, the update of “Holiday Tree Recommendations” started yesterday.

iRobot initially announced in September the avoidance of socks and shoes with the j7 Plus dog pop detection feature, but said at the time that it would be included with a firmware update later this year. Will go This is a potentially useful feature considering how much of a problem the shoelaces can be for the RoboX. As well as shoes, socks and pet litter, the J7 and J7 Plus can detect and avoid cords.

Along with new identification and avoidance features, iRobot says its robots with smart mapping features can now move their maps from one robot to another. This should be helpful to upgrade their Rumba or enhance it with other models, such as the mopping-focused Braava jet m6. Instead of redesigning your home, the company’s robots, which support its smart mapping technology, can now automatically move their maps to a new robot. According to iRobot’s release note, this feature was launched on October 13.

iRobot is offering a lot of discounts on its robots during the holiday season. The j7, j7 Plus and i3 Plus currently have a 200 discount, while the Braava jet m6 robot mop has a 100 discount.

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