HomeThe investigation into the death of a Boston University professor continues. MassDOT blocks stair access

The investigation into the death of a Boston University professor continues. MassDOT blocks stair access


A memorial will be erected at the university for those mourning the loss of David K. Jones.

Warning signs and a higher fence were put in place after a Boston University professor fell from the stairs and died over the weekend. John Tlumaki / The Boston Globe

Investigation continues into how a Boston University professor worked Tragically fell to his death On an enclosed staircase near the JFK/UMass MBTA station in Boston.

Meanwhile, additional fencing has been put in place around the dilapidated stairs to help ensure the same thing does not happen to someone else.

David K. Jones, 40, of Milton was found dead Saturday afternoon at 599 Old Colony Ave. ; A passerby happened to see it on the ground under the rusty metal staircase that used to connect Old Colony Street and Upper Columbia Road. A large hole can be seen in the staircase above where Jones was found. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Initial investigations revealed that the stairs were deemed unsafe and closed for about 20 months,” state police spokesman Dave Procopio said in a statement on Monday.

In January 2020, a fencing was put in place around the steps, and a concrete barrier was put in place to deter pedestrians from using the stairs. A sign was also placed at the nearby train station indicating the stairs are closed, according to a Massachusetts Department of Transportation spokesperson.

After Jones’ death, the administration used an emergency hold to add more safety measures Monday night. The spokesman said the investigation is still ongoing.

“We continue to look at how Dr. Jones accessed a staircase that had been closed for nearly 20 months,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins said in a statement released Monday evening. “Whether it was an accidental or premeditated death, any death is a tragedy and the harm to loved ones is the same. While the investigation continues, we are available to provide support to his family and link them to community resources through the Victims Witness Assistance Program.”

Meanwhile, members of the Boston University community continue to mourn their loss. Jones was an associate professor in the Department of Health Law, Policy, and Administration at Boston University.

a The memorial has been scheduled For Thursday, September 23, 3pm-5pm in the Hiebert Lounge or via Zoom.

Those who knew him described Jones as an inspiring, person willing to give his time.

“He made time for everyone—students and faculty; he was truly one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met,” said Michael Ulrich, a colleague and friend of Jones, earlier this week.

GoFundMe was created for the benefit of the Jones family. As of Wednesday afternoon, it has raised over $117,000 with a stated goal of $200,000.

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