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Boston (CBS) – It’s not officially official yet, but it definitely looks like Tom Brady is preparing to call it a career. It doesn’t really matter when that happens, as Brady will emerge from the greatest player and winner to meet in the NFL.

From taking his first shot as the Patriots starting quarterback in 2001 to his final pass with the Buccaneers in 2022, Brady has simply dominated the football game. His underdog story will go down as one of the best that can ever be told, as the previous sixth-round pick went on to win seven Super Bowls and racked up countless NFL passing records over his 22 NFL seasons. And if the records weren’t impressive enough, Brady’s longevity certainly is; He continued piling wins, stats, and records at the age of 44, something that no player in league history had ever done.

We’re going to come out on one end and say Brady will have a place in Canton in the five years. Heck, a guy should have his own wing after basically accumulating three different Hall of Fame positions. He won when he was a little pup—quiet and adorable, at that—finding his way with the Patriots, winning when he was one of the NFL’s scariest quarterbacks, and going on to win as an old man in both New England and Tampa Bay.

The Mount Rushmore debate is one of the most popular debates in the sports world. Brady is not only into it, but he must have had four Bradys from different points in his career.

Simply put, there will never be a player, winner, or champion like Tom Brady again. Below is a long list of the accomplishments Brady has enjoyed during his career, highlighted by the seven episodes of the Super Bowl

Super Tom

This is where the conversation about Tom Brady begins: his hilarious Super Bowl success. Brady has gone to the big game 10 times, and his seven Super Bowl wins was the quarterback’s record, three times ahead of his idols, Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw. Brady has had more Super Bowl wins than any other quarterback who has appeared in the Super Bowl. He has more Super Bowl episodes to himself than 30 more NFL franchises you could claim.

This is harmful! But it is only the beginning.

Brady has five Super Bowl MVPs – more than anyone else. His 21 passes in the big game are more than anyone else, more than the next players on the roster (Montana, 11, and Bradshaw, 9) combined. He has posted those 21 landings to 13 different receivers over the years.

He also has the most yards in Super Bowl history (3,039) and most passing yards in a single game with 505, which he set in a New England Super Bowl LII loss to the Eagles. He broke his own record of 466 yards against the Hawks in Super Bowl LI. Yes, Brady has so many Super Bowl records that he broke his own from time to time.

All this win means there may have been a successful campaign or two. How about six? Brady led the game’s winning drives to take the lead or break a fourth-quarter tie in each of New England’s Super Bowl wins, making him, obviously, the only player to lead winning strokes in six Super Bowls.

Let this one soak: Brady drove the game-winning engines to take the lead or break the tie in the fourth quarter in each of New England’s six Super Bowl wins. He also led the fourth-quarter green-light campaign in two New England Super Bowl losses.

He’s leaped into making all this history, as Brady is the only player to have started and won three Super Bowls before his 28th birthday.

And despite playing in all of those Super Bowls against the best team the opposing conference had to offer, Brady threw six interceptions in only the Super Bowl, a fourth more—impressive considering there were more interceptions than anyone else. Brady threw 48 consecutive passes without being picked up in two different Super Bowls, although they both lost to New England (2008 versus the Giants and 2018 versus the Eagles).

Brady dominated the NFL well into his forties which is not likely to be repeated. He was the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl, the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and the oldest player to win a Super Bowl, and he was doing it all at 43 years, six months, and five days with the Super Bowl. LV win with pirates over bosses.


Brady started 47 playoffs and came out victorious in 35 of them – both scored in the NFL. He leads the world in post-season touchdown passes (86) and yards (13049).

If that wasn’t enough, he also has the most post-season completions (1165), TD multi-pass games (28) and 300-yard pass games (18).

Well, let’s continue. His 14th appearance in the Conference Championship was the most by a quarterback during the Super Bowl era, as were his 10 wins.

Brady has thrown three or more touchdowns in his 13 playoff games, the most since the 1970 merger. His 27 multiplayer TD games in postseason are the most ever.

The rest of the best

Ready for all of Brady’s traffic records? These also include postseason numbers:

Most passing yards of all time with 96,969 yards
– Most touches passersby with a score of 707
Most success attempts (13,081) and completion (8,369)
– Most landings were cast to different receivers at 92
– Most wins for any player (278)

Now let’s take a look without the match numbers:

Most passing yards of all time at 84,520
– Most of the passersby touches the number 624
Most successful attempts (11,317) and completion (7,263)
– Most wins by any player (243)

Despite leading the football world in passes and touchdown passes, Brady didn’t throw many passes for the other team. He was tied for 29th place on the NFL’s all-time interception list.

But wait, there is more! So, much more.

Brady’s three NFL MVP awards are tied for second all-time, behind Peyton Manning’s top five Cups. Brady was 40 when he won in 2017, and he was the oldest player in NFL history to bring the award home.

– Brady has been named to 15 Pro Bowls (although he hasn’t usually played in them for obvious reasons), and is one of only five players in NFL history with many Pro Bowl nods.

– 14.00 touches to Brady’s interception in 2016 (when he threw 28 touchdowns to only two interceptions) is an NFL record for one season. Brady’s touch-to-intercept ratio was 3.07 in his fourth-ever career behind Aaron Rodgers (4.83), Patrick Mahomes (4.08) and Russell Wilson (3.36).

– We will talk about 2007 – We will not talk about its end. This was the season Brady broke records, throwing the then-record 50 touchdown passes and collecting 4,806 yards. He completed 68.9 percent of his passes and averaged 300 yards per game for the season. He put Brady and Randy Moss in a clinic, and they scored 23.

It didn’t end the way anyone wanted, but it was one of a kind offensive display by Brady and his buddies.

– Brady led the NFL in touchdown passes four times with the Patriots (2002, 07, 10, 15) and then again with the Buccaneers in his final season, throwing 43 touchdowns at age 44 in 2021. Those five seasons like the NFL The American drop leader is the most ever by any quarterback.

Brady also led the NFL with 5,316 yards in 2021, making him the oldest quarterback to lead the league in passing yards.

– Brady shared the love like no one else. He hit 92 different players for touchdowns during his career, which is clearly an NFL record.

– Wins. Brady won many matches. He is one of only four players in NFL history with at least one win over all 32 teams in the league.

Brady has won more at home (133) than any other quarterback. He won more on the road (110) than any other quarterback.

He had 13 consecutive seasons of 10 wins, and 12 consecutive seasons of 11 wins – both scoring NFL records. All of those wins led to 19 league titles, the most ever being a QB novice.

Lots of victories for 12th place.


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