The hype of carbon removal is becoming a dangerous distraction

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The hype of carbon removal is becoming a dangerous distraction

Forest offsets – which represent emissions are either blown out of the air by trees or not released because the value would have been saved instead of the forests that would have been cut down – which The price of 5 tons is about 15 15. Meanwhile, online payment company Stripe, which developed a program to help remove carbon, agreed to pay Switzerland-based ClimateWorks 775 per tonne, so that it could receive direct air arrest. Using technology to extract CO2.

Obviously, given the price difference, most down-to-earth businesses will continue with the previous option. But they’re not buying the same thing: when trees die and release their CO2, the carbon dioxide claim works is converted into minerals and stored deep underground.

Lockner notes that the actual cost of removing carbon from forests would increase significantly if landowners were forced to bear the ongoing costs of monitoring carbon levels and removing the extra carbon when their trees die. Responsibilities to be paid.

We cannot allow nature-based carbon removal to set a market price, as we have seen for a number of reasons that they are not reliable, not permanent, and often do not allow such systems to What would happen in absence? Duncan McLaren, a research fellow at Lancaster University’s Environment Center, says.

“It’s creating a conversation that makes pure zero seem like a relatively easy task to do at relatively low prices,” he said.

Setting goals

So how can we eliminate carbon offsets, using carbon removal to mitigate the growing risks of climate change, without allowing emissions to become a top priority?

At the very least, the world’s parliamentarians should not allow gossip about corporate net zero targets and carbon emissions in order to reduce the pressure on environmental laws and regulations that prevent emissions or clean technology. I encourage change.

“Fossil fuel companies and others can’t change their business model unless we have a mainstream fossil fuel elimination plan,” says Holy Book, an assistant professor. do not have.” In the field of environment and sustainability at Buffalo University.

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