The Grandview Fire is racing over 2,000 acres southwest of Culver, resulting in massive evacuations

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The Grandview Fire is racing over 2,000 acres southwest of Culver, resulting in massive evacuations

(Update: new fire estimate, details)

Fire stops near La Pine, on 54 acres

CULVER, Oregon (KTVZ) – A bushfire broke out Sunday afternoon about 10 miles southwest of Culver and raced south, growing to about 2,000 acres by midnight after raising a tall plume of smoke visible for several miles as crews of engines and air tankers rushed out. in fighting it. An expanding area of ​​Jefferson and Deschute counties was placed under evacuation orders before dark, and the very active area glowed after dark while crews worked through the night.

Meanwhile, the East La Pine fire was shut down as the fire was actively blazing in hot, dry weather and had a bulldozer line around it on its 54-acre lot, so officials dropped a Level 1 “be ready” evacuation notice for Newbury Estates Sunday night.

Incident 558, called the Grandview Fire, was reported at about 1:30 p.m. in the Grandview area of ​​Jefferson County, where the Crooked River National Grassland and private land protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry, west of Crooked River Ranch and south of Three Rivers, were on fire. recreational.

The fire spread quickly through the grass and juniper, as the SEAT single-engine carriers and large air carriers dropped several dampers until dark as the fire spread south and southwest, said Kristi Shaw, an EPRDF spokeswoman.

Late Sunday night, the fire was estimated at 2,000 acres, with 0% containment. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Heckthorne said properties along Geneva Road and Ty Flat are subject to a level 3 (go now) evacuation order and residents were evacuated in the late afternoon. Other areas to the south were under Level 1 (Get Ready) or Level 2 (Get a Set) evacuation alerts – to view the map, visit the interactive page here:

He said Wilt Road and Geneva Road between Sisters and Three Rivers were closed.

As the fire continued to spread to the south and southwest, areas below the evacuation alert level from level 2 south to the Jefferson County line were raised to level 3 (go now) shortly before 8 p.m. from evacuation levels to the south, in Deschutes County, as has been revised.

At approximately 9 p.m., the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office issued level 3 (go now) evacuation orders for all areas north of 17830 Mountain View Drive and homes on the north end of Holmes Road. Level 2 (Get Set) eviction notices have been introduced to subdivide Squaw Creek Canyon.

Structural protection teams can be heard working on scanners, working to prepare property and evacuating residents and identify staging areas and “safety zones”, should advancing fires prompt their use for the safety of fire crews.

American Red Cross volunteers were helping Deschutes County set up a temporary evacuation point at Sisters Middle School for those affected by the fire. “Anyone who needs help can just show up,” the organization said.

Crooked River Ranch, Three Rivers. Heckthorne said Sunday afternoon that Camp Sherman and Palisades Cove State Park “are not subject to an evacuation order and are open.”

Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue told residents via Facebook that while smoke was very visible from the fire west of the ranch and the North Sisters, it was not threatening the ranch.

Shaw said the fire broke out near the site of the Geneva 2 fires several years ago. “There were many fires in that area,” she said.

Meanwhile, in La Pine District, Incident 559, called the Newberry Fire, erupted on Sunday afternoon, south of Rosland Road near Finley Butte.

Shaw said it had grown to over 10 acres by late afternoon with groups of trees burning, but a bulldozer line was around the 54-acre bonfires before dark. Air resources had headed to both fires from nearby dispatch centers.

A Level 1 (Be Prepared) eviction notice was issued to the Newberry Estates division due to the Newberry Fire, but went down shortly before dark.

Hand crews, bulldozers, water tenders, and prairie engines worked to contain this fire with air support. Xu said firefighters will work on Monday to secure fire lines and begin disinfection operations.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office advised residents to be aware of the danger and to monitor websites for information.

With fire activity increasing, it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to receive evacuation alerts. Jefferson County… Deschutes County Emergency-alerts… Croke County

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