The governor urges those who attended the event at the Javits Center to get tested

The person who tested positive for the omicron variant of COVID-19 was at the Javits Center in Manhattan in November, Governor Cathy Hochhol said Thursday, where she predicted a replacement would soon be found in the state.

Hochul said that the man, who is from Minnesota, attended Anime NYC 2021 held from November 19-21. The governor urged anyone who was in Javits between November 18 and 22 to get tested for the virus.

She said officials have a list of people who attended the event, and will be in touch with them. All present had to be vaccinated to enter.

Hochul, during a press conference, tried to reassure people not to panic, saying that the country had many reliable resources, such as vaccines, that were lacking when the epidemic broke out in early 2020.

So far, the governor said, “There are no confirmed cases in New York State. However, we are well aware of the fact that it is very likely soon someone will test this positive. We are prepared, prepared. We are not sounding the alarm. We are not exaggerating. in our reaction.

Hochul said the state is not “armless against this alternative, and I want everyone to know to have confidence in our ability to deal with this. We’re ready for that. It’s not surprising. It’s the fourth alternative that has arisen.”

Hochul said she is not considering closing schools, stores or other businesses the way New York State did at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

“I am not prepared to close schools or the economy at this time,” she said. “This is not a necessary response. It would be considered an overreaction.” “I’m not going to overreact and send this economy out of control again, because it took so long to get back to where we are now.”

The Minnesota Department of Health said the variant was found during its surveillance program in a sample of Minnesota residents. The department said the man, from Hennepin County, had been vaccinated. He developed mild symptoms on November 22 and sought a COVID-19 test on November 24. His symptoms have since subsided.

The omicron variant originated in South Africa and spread to other countries.

The United States recorded its first confirmed case on Wednesday. A vaccinated traveler, who returned to California after a trip to South Africa on November 22, developed mild symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, obtained a sample from the patient Tuesday night and worked hard to piece together the genetic sequence.

The World Health Organization classifies Omicron as a “variable of concern” as scientists work to determine how it compares to the dominant delta variable in terms of transmissibility and severity. Scientists are also studying the degree to which existing vaccines and treatments protect against omicron.

Some medical experts believe that omicron may be more contagious than the delta variant, which was itself considered highly contagious and led to an increase in cases on Long Island and across the country.

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