The governor says Ford didn’t give Michigan a “real chance” to win electric vehicles. Bill Ford says that wasn’t the case

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said her state was not given a “real opportunity” to provide Ford Motor Co. with incentives for land, labor and taxes for the multibillion-dollar battery and electric car assembly plants the automaker plans to build in Tennessee and Kentucky. .

The Democratic governor on Wednesday dismissed suggestions that Michigan cannot compete with Ford and battery maker SK Innovation’s $11.4 billion plan to invest in mega projects.

“Being a major home, Michigan will always be able to bring a competitive alternative to the table when we are given an opportunity to do so,” Whitmer said. “And we’re looking at future investments and (Ford) looking to Michigan first and giving us the opportunity to put a really strong package on the table.”

Whitmer said there were “probably a lot of factors” that went into Ford’s decision to select new battery plants in Tennessee and Kentucky.

It underestimated Michigan’s average electricity rates for industrial customers, which are about two cents per kilowatt-hour higher than those of Tennessee and Kentucky.

“It wasn’t a country selection, it looked more like a site selection,” Whitmer said. “But in terms of having the tools we need to be competitive, I’m always looking to make Michigan more competitive and always keen to bring solutions to the table.

“But we need a real opportunity to do that – and that wasn’t really the case here,” the governor added.

Whitmer’s comments gave further clarity to comments made the day before by the CEO of Michigan Economic Development Corp. Quentin Messer Jr. , who said that the state ‘Not actively involved’ In an effort to attract Ford’s investment in the Great Lakes state.

“We’ve always been in talks with Ford, but we haven’t been actively involved,” Messer told reporters.

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