The Google Play Store comes with Material UK animated colors on Android 12.

Shortly after I / O 2021 showed you the language of your new material design, Google began making design changes to its apps based on the new guidelines. Close to the stable release of Google Pixel’s Android 12, the company has significantly increased its material rollout. We’ve recently seen updated content for Google Assistant, Google Photos, Google Pair, and Google Drive. There have also been material updates for Google Cap, then Google Messages and Google Podcasts. Now it appears that the Google Play Store is the next to get Material U Dynamic Color Theming on Android 12.

An update to the Google Play Store (via Google News Telegram Group) is now starting for some people and supports vibrant colors. This is apparently a server-side switch and may take a while for everyone to come across, so it won’t matter which version of your Play Store app. You can be more likely to get updates by making sure you’re on the latest version of the app, but you can do just that. I don’t have the latest Android 12 beta update on my Google Pixel 5.

To get the color out of your wallpaper and create a palette full of pastel colors, use the inactive, Material U’s vibrant colors feature Minute, which has been introduced in Android 12 and is currently exclusive to Pixel phones. Is. Apps can then apply these colors to their UIs in different ways, these are the apps that add content that you normally do. Dynamic Color Support Material is a very interesting thing to come from, as it makes the design of each app feel more personal. It also maintains consistency in apps and makes your smartphone experience feel more integrated.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an update yet, you’ll get it soon.

Source: XDA Adam Conway.

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