The Google Play Store checks out a new “Offers” tab in the bottom bar.

In April, the Google Play Store got a big UI overhaul that saw the App Store get rid of the hamburger menu, adding a newly designed settings page and My Apps menu along with other UI tweaks. Google is now testing another UI change in the Google Play Store that adds a fifth tab in the bottom bar.

As seen 9to5 GoogleThe Google Play Store is testing a new “Offers” tab, increasing the number of tabs in the bottom bar from four to five. The tab sits between “Apps” and “Movies and TV.” The “Offers” tab displays carousels for “offers for the apps you like” and “offers for the games you like”. Basically, it gives you a roundup of ongoing sales and deals on games and apps in one place. However, this is different from the “Presentations and Notifications” page that appears at the bottom of the profile page.

Screenshots Credit: 9to5Google

The “Offers” tab appears to be in A / B testing and has not yet been widely rolled out. It was not available on any of my phones running the latest version of the Google Play Store app. Google routinely conducts various A / B tests in the Play Store app, and there is no guarantee that these experiments will lead to the final product. We will keep an eye on this feature and make sure to let you know if it starts on a large scale.

The Google Play Store has recently received material that you can redesign on Android 12 with dynamic color theming support. Google is also working to improve the Play Store experience on large screen devices such as foldables, Chromebooks and tablets. Meanwhile, the Play Store website is finally getting some much needed attention with a fresh design. The new design highlights the content using large icons and white backgrounds.

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