The Giants beat the Dodgers 1-0 in Game 3 of the NLDS

Evan Longoria powered Max Scherzer’s house through high winds. Both discus hitter Chris Taylor and Gavin Lux failed, sending the world champion on the brink of disqualification.

Longoria’s shot was delayed in the fifth inning, giving the Giants a 1-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on a cold, boisterous Monday night with conditions closer to San Francisco. The Giants took a 2-1 lead in the NL Division Series.

“I don’t remember a lot of nights at Dodger Stadium where the wind was blowing that way,” said San Francisco manager Gabe Kapler, who grew up in Los Angeles. “Very strange.”

High winds hit the flags in center square and caused Scherzer to falter to deliver an early pitch.

“The wind was really pushing me towards the home plate,” said Shearzer, who lost a post-season game he started for the first time since October 12, 2017, against the Chicago Cubs.

Los Angeles came close to tying it with two exits in ninth, when Lux launched a long ride to the left center with an exit speed of 107 mph and a hitting average of 0.90, according to Statcast. But the wind knocked her down and caught the ball in the alarm’s path, leaving Lux in disbelief.

“My stomach pretty much sank when he hit her. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t gone,” Longoria said. “I think it was our night.”

Taylor flew to center ahead, but that ball was caught as well.

“I think any other night, a CT ball, Gavin Lux’s ball, would have rolled home, yeah,” Dodgers coach Dave Roberts said.

It was the Giants’ second close in the top five playoffs after winning the opening match 4-0.

Game 4 will take place on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium and Game 5 will be in San Francisco on Thursday, if necessary.

The Dodgers defeated their longtime rival 9-2 to win Game 2, but only mustered five home runs. NL batting champion Trea Turner and Mookie Betts both went 0 for 4, and Corey Seager was 0 for 4 with a walk.

“I thought we took some good hits and didn’t get a bonus,” Roberts said.

Longoria erupted From 0 to 23 in a big way with his shot advanced on 0-2 on the field to the left of center. It was his first post-season home since the 2013 ALDS with Tampa Bay.

“This environment is just…that’s crazy,” Longoria said. “What a wild night too—the wind. I mean, I think the sound here was kind of made by the wind.”

After running on his land, Scherzer retired from his last six hits. But the Dodgers lost for the first time in his 13th start with the team since obtaining them from Washington on the July 30 trading deadline.

“If you get to post-season, you can always lose by one pitch. That comes into play. I lost it tonight on one pitch,” Scherzer said.

The Giants’ other two hits were singles by Buster Posey and Chris Bryant. The last 15 hitters retired, including on the ninth when the Dodgers approached Kenley Jansen from the side.

San Francisco player Alex Wood allowed two hits over 4 and 2/3 of the rounds against his former team. His left hand hit four and walked twice.

Tyler Rogers took the win with 1 and 2/3 innings of rest. Rookie right-hander Camilo Duvall made two perfect shorts to tackle.

Napkins, bags of peanuts and plastic bags exploded on the warning track and across the stands. Dense fog obscured the picturesque landscape of the San Gabriel Mountains and prevented the flyover from appearing except on the video board. A white fan cover came flying from the stands and fell onto the field in the second half.

High winds steadily blew from left field to the right throughout the match, shoving the shooters’ pants down the hill.

“It’s just part of the game, Mother Nature, and you have to respect that,” said Albert Pujols, who has achieved two of the three Dodgers songs.

Scherzer retired 10 players between Posey’s song at number one and Bryant’s song at number four.

Scherzer gave up one inning and three strokes in seven innings. The three-time Cy Young winner took 10 – his fifth career double-digit strike total after the season – and walked one across 110 pitches.

The tension was evident in later roles.

Steven Souza Jr. and Will Smith earned singles in the seventh inning, the Dodgers’ first consecutive hits in the game, out of Submarine Rogers. Austin Barnes hit a pinch hitter from swinging.

With a crowd of 53,299 people on its feet chanting, “Let’s go, Dodgers!” Brandon Crawford short jump to end the threat.

“Just pick up the ball, that’s all I can think of,” Crawford said. “There was a little overhead rotation on it and it was right over my head so I was able to jump and hopefully it’s in my glove.”

The Dodgers hit three hits — all singles — through six innings.

Their first hit came from the 41-year-old Pujols’ bat, who drove solo to the right of third in his 75th post-season game. Along with the Pujols, 37-year-old Dodgers Scherzer and 36-year-old Justin Turner started in third.

This was the Pujols’ first start and hit in the playoffs since the 2014 ALDS with the Los Angeles Angels. The NL MVP hit three .294 hits against a left throw during the regular season.

hills He was selected again to finish fifth in his first post-season multi-stroke game since his triple-play in Game 3 of the 2011 St. Louis World Championships.

lost mom

The Giants missed Felder leaving LaMonte and the mother of the first three NLDS matches because she is in a competition of her own – the table tennis championship.

“It shows where her priorities lie, but, no, she enjoys it. I get videos from my dad,” Wade said.

coach room

Giants: 2B Tommy LaStella came out in sixth because of tight left Achilles.

OL . performance

The only other time the Giants won a postseason game 1-0 at home, it came with Casey Stingel in the 1923 World Championship against the New York Yankees. Stengel, of course, later became the Hall of Fame manager for the Yankees.

the following

Giants: RHP Anthony DeSclafani will start the fourth game.

The Dodgers: “Everything is on the table,” Roberts said of the starters.


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