The former interior minister claimed that the Taliban were killing innocent children

The Taliban They kill innocent children because they brutally consolidate their power, AfghanistanThe former Minister of the Interior claimed.

Masoud Andrabi, who was sacked by former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in March, posted shocking photos on Twitter of people, including a young child, allegedly killed by Taliban fighters.

He claimed that the group, which now controls almost all of Afghanistan after crawling dramatically into the capital Kabul last week, is “trying to control the people by terrorizing and killing young children and elderly citizens”.

Andrabi added that the Taliban “cannot rule the nation” using such terrorist tactics.

His warning came on a day when the main resistance group that continues to fight the Taliban adamantly denied that its surrender was under negotiation.

Former Afghan soldiers – many of whom were trained by Western forces – joined local militia forces from a base in the Panjshir Valley, northeast of Kabul.

The group fights under the banner of the National Resistance Front Afghanistan [NRF] It is led by Ahmed Masoud who trained at Sandhurst.

The former Afghan Interior Minister, Masoud Andarabi, said that the Taliban are killing innocent children brutally consolidating their power, and he is posting horrific pictures of people, including a small child, allegedly killed by the militants.

Andarabi (pictured), sacked by former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in March

Andarabi (pictured), sacked by former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in March

And Andrabi added in his tweet: ‘In Andrab, the Taliban search homes without justification, arrest people without reason or justification and kill innocent citizens.

As a result, people had to rise up against their brutality to protect their lives, honor, dignity, and property.

Andrabi released the photos after warning in an interview with India Today newspaper this week that resistance to Taliban rule would not go away.

He said: I think there will be emergence, push and resistance.

It shows that if the Taliban do not adapt to today’s Afghanistan, this enclave resistance will continue to emerge.

“The resistance will continue in any form throughout the country.”

He said that if the Taliban wanted the people to support their rule and avoid an ongoing insurgency, they should form an elected government and not an undemocratic “emirate”.

He sacked ousted President Ashraf Ghani Andrabi in March after a series of Taliban attacks against government forces.

While no official reason was given for his dismissal, a senior security official at the time said Andarabi had failed to arrest a militia leader whose forces had shot down a helicopter, killing nine members of the security forces.

And Andarabi had been assigned weeks ago to arrest the commander.

After his post on Tuesday, Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari described him as “highly respected”.

The shocking new images were released after horrific reports last week of Islamic militants hunting down cities across Afghanistan for women and girls.

Another photo posted by Andarabi showed a dead old man whose legs were covered in blood

Another photo posted by Andarabi showed a dead old man whose legs were covered in blood

The jihadi commanders were reportedly ordering imams in the areas they captured to bring lists of unmarried women between the ages of 12 and 45 for their soldiers to marry because they saw them as “khanimat” or “spoils of war” – to be divided among the victors. .

The head of the resistance, Masoud, who also studied at King’s College, London, nicknamed “The Lion’s Heir” or “The Lion Cub” after his father, a famous Mujahid leader known as “The Lion of Panjshir” in relation to the region he ruled and defended.

On Monday, the Taliban claimed to have recaptured three districts north of the capital, Kabul, which they captured the day before and besieged Panjshir, the last province still out of their control.

A third photo published by the politician showed a young girl who was alive but was hit in the cheek

They said they were negotiating with rival forces to secure their surrender.

However, Ali Maysam Nazari, head of foreign relations at the National Liberation Front, denied the claim on Twitter, saying “No one will hand over Panjshir and @AhmadMassoud01 will defend the valley with everything he has.”

His statement came after Massoud wrote in the Washington Post last week: “No matter what happens, the mujahideen and I will defend Panjshir as the last bastion of Afghan freedom.”


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