The Ford Bronco pickup is dead, the report said.

There is no pick-up bed for this man.


Don’t hold your breath for one Ford Bronco pickup truck.. According to an Automotive News report on Wednesday, citing sources close to the project, Bronco, who had a truck bed, died. The company has never publicly endorsed A’s plans. Bruno Truck, although previous reporting and possible clues indicated that Ford was preparing to give us one.

Sorry, this is not happening. AN reported that Ford quit due to a possible overlap between the two projects. Ranger, With which he would have shared a platform, and off-road focused. F150 Raptor.. Apparently, it’s a lot like a pickup truck. Ford did not immediately return a request for comment.

Although these are not very likely trucks competing with each other. The report cites the carmaker’s commitment to Biden’s management. 50% sales of electric vehicles by 2030. Another gas-powered truck probably didn’t play well with that desire, and Bronco probably put another nail in the pickup’s coffin.

Still, Ford will not leave Bronco. It even considers the nameplate a “brand” and plans to do so. Dedicated Bronco Dealership Also outside of the Ford stores, we know that a high-performance version of the SUV is coming, the company’s brass said in the past. Hybrid Running and teasing the automaker. Full electric version of the Bronco. Earlier this year. Indeed, the Bronco party has just begun.

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