The FIA ​​says Syracuse identified the rioters through cell phone records and surveillance video.

Syracuse, New York – A Syracuse man was arrested for his role in the January 6 uprising in the United States capital when he was identified by cell phone records and surveillance video.

The arrest of Richard Brian Waters was announced on Tuesday in a news release issued by FBI Albany Special Agent Engine Dejan Gaspi.

FBI Albany will continue to work with its colleagues in the Washington Field Office and the United States Attorney’s Office to ensure that those who choose to break the law that day are held accountable.

According to federal court documents, entering and remaining in a confined building or ground on Waters, disrupting and disrupting a confined building or ground, disorderly conduct in the capital building, and parading in the capital building, He was accused of demonstrating or packing.

According to federal court documents, the 59-year-old man was identified by cell phone records and US Capital Surveillance Video.

According to documents, Vatros was seen in a surveillance video entering the capital from the upper house at about 2:48 p.m. According to court documents, he was wearing a red “Trump” baseball cap, a blue mask as a face mask and a blue coat with tan patches on his elbows.

Waters told agents in an interview on June 11 that he had gone to Washington DC alone from his home after telling former President Donald Trump’s men. He said he was inside the capital for about five minutes and then exited through the same door he had entered.

Vitrus said that after sitting on the steps of the capital for about 15 minutes, he left and met a woman who had a YouTube channel, which he said he went in and “watched”. There wasn’t much to do. ” He said he entered the capital with the woman through the more central gates and briefly entered Rotunda.

According to court documents, after Waters left the capital for the second time, he left the area and returned to his hotel.

According to court documents, Waters later showed federal agents a photo he had taken in the capital on January 6.

Waters is the latest Central New Yorker to be identified as a participant in the Capital Riots.

Eric Buchin, a 49-year-old New Hartford resident, was arrested on May 13 and charged with two counts of illegally entering or remaining in a restricted building or ground and two counts of violent intrusion into Capital Ground. Counting charges were filed.

A Syracuse man was arrested April 21 after being accused of being one of the first rioters to break police lines during a storm in the capital.

Matthew Green of Burns Avenue, Eastwood, has been identified as a member of the “Proud Boy”, a far-right extremist group across the country that led the January 6 attacks. Were killed.

He and two others were charged with 10 counts. Green faces four felony counts and three felony counts.

Another man, 65-year-old Albert Siarpelli, was arrested for his role in the riots, including entering the capital. He faces two evils.

A fourth CNY man faces local DC charges.

William “Billy” Larry, 54, who runs a home-grown home-based business in Utica, has been charged with violating curfews and illegally entering government property (Capital Grounds), which is a crime.

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