HomeThe FBI has Brian Laundry’s phone, but not Gabby Petito’s.

The FBI has Brian Laundry’s phone, but not Gabby Petito’s.

The FBI has taken Brian Laundry’s cell phone to track down the 23-year-old fugitive – but it’s not clear where his slain girlfriend’s phone is.

Laundry went missing from her parents’ Florida home more than two weeks ago and was questioned about the disappearance and death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito.

The FBI issued a search warrant at the home of the laundry’s parents in North Port and returned Sunday for DNA evidence – and picked up the laundry phone.

Laundry Family Attorney Steven Bertolino confirmed last week that he ran away from home without his wallet and phone.

The FBI is also trying to locate a Burner phone that they believe laundry bought at a local AT&T store on September 14, TMZ reported Wednesday. His parents said he went for a walk and never returned.

According to the outlet, the location of Petito’s phone, which the couple took on their ill-fated cross-country trip, is not yet clear.

Search warrant for computer found in 2012 Ford Transit van The young couple determined that the last text message sent from Petito’s phone was sent to his mother, Nicole Schmidt, on August 27.

The FBI issued a search warrant for the home of Christopher and Robita Laundry in North Port and returned Sunday for DNA evidence.
William Farrington.
Christopher and Roberta Laundry.
Christopher and Roberta Laundry claim they do not know where Brian is.
William Farrington.

Schmidt told authorities that the last text was “weird” because his daughter called her grandfather “Stan”, which she never did.

Earlier in the day, Petito was last seen alive inside a Wyoming restaurant.

Her body was found September 19 in a remote Wyoming campground near Grand Teton National Park, and the Teton County Coroner ordered her execution shortly after her death.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundry.
Evil Laundry is not responsible for Gabby Petito’s death, but he is the only one interested in her disappearance.
Jim Schmidt, center-left, stepfather of Gabby Petito.
Gabby Petito’s family hosted a memorable service last weekend.
John Manchelo / AP

Her body remains in the coroner’s office, although the Blue Point resident’s family arranged a memorial service for their daughter last weekend.

Laundry has not been charged with death but is the only person interested in his disappearance and faces federal fraud charges for using someone else’s bank card before returning home on September 1. ۔

Feds did not say if the card belonged to Petito.


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