The EU will force Britain to abide by the Northern Ireland Protocol

Mr Martin said “reasonable solutions” to the differences could be found but only if there was the “right political will” in London.

He added, “A positive and constructive future partnership is in everyone’s interest, but it will only be achieved if there is a relationship of trust and a willingness to fulfill commitments.”

“The EU has shown commitment, patience and creativity in its work to implement the Withdrawal Agreement and Protocol,” said Mr. Martin, referring to EU concessions on medicines, guide dogs, livestock and car insurance.

“We would like to say something very simple to our Irish friends,” Macron added, who said France was now Ireland’s “closest neighbor in the European Union.”

“Since the beginning of this British referendum, the European Union has been united and has stood in solidarity. We will remain united.”

The United Kingdom and the European Union have been at odds over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which established customs border Between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, since its entry into force at the beginning of the year.

The protocol is part of the EU Withdrawal Agreement and means that the country continues to follow around 300 EU single market rules to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland.

But the UK says checks on goods destined for Britain to Northern Ireland are having a chilling effect on trade.

The government threatened to Unilateral extension of grace periods In the protocol to ensure, among other things, the continued sale of British sausages in supermarkets in Northern Ireland.

At the time, Brussels warned that any unilateral extension of the protocol’s grace periods would violate international law and threaten to unleash The sausage trade war with the European Union.


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