The developers have allegedly claimed that Amazon Astro is ‘terrible’ and will throw itself down the stairs.

According to a report by Amazon, some people who make astro home robots are not affected by it. Vice. One person who worked on the robot, which was announced today, allegedly called it a “disaster that is not ready for release” while another said it was “terrible” and thought it was a Amazon’s point is that Astro can help care for the elderly (was ridiculous nonsense). Sources also said that the boat does not handle the stairs well, with one even saying that he would “throw them down” if given the chance.

To make matters worse, Vice It is also reported that the robot is fragile and many devices are broken. This is not great news for a 1,000 (or 44 1,449) robot that lives on the floor, where it is at risk of being stepped on by children, kicked by careless adults, or Angry pets are attacked by its presence.

Following the publication of this article, Amazon issued a statement. Edge And suggested that the documents in the story are old and that the character does not reflect how well Astro works today.

Leaked developer meeting documents and videos obtained by Vice It also shows that Astro is monitoring a lot with its facial recognition system, and a feature where it follows people around it if it doesn’t recognize them. ViceSources say that it is not really good to know who the people are, which is why Astro can get his hands on the heels of troubled people. One of the people who worked on it called her data collection a “privacy nightmare.”

Amazon’s response to this story is:

These features of Astro’s performance, drunkenness, and safety system are simply wrong. Astro underwent rigorous testing on both quality and safety, including thousands of hours of testing with beta participants. This includes a comprehensive test of Astro’s state-of-the-art safety system, designed to avoid objects, detect stairs and stop the device where and when necessary.

It’s not necessarily surprising that Astro is always on the lookout, though – it comes with a Color Protect Pro subscription, and Amazon’s own marketing for the robot suggests it could be used as a security device. Maybe (but in the context of wild animals that enter your home) rather than people). The most amazing thing is that we are seeing leaked documents, videos, and angry developers hearing. Same day Device announced. No one, or anyone, inside Amazon should be affected by the robot’s attention.

This leak somewhat reshapes the rollout based on Amazon’s invitation. You can’t just buy a robot right now, you have to request an invitation, a process that requires you to fill out a survey to indicate if your home is suitable for an astro (in which it The question also includes what type of stairs you have). It is possible that Amazon is trying to put these bots in the best case scenario, to see if they can avoid it.

Updated, 10:10 PM ET, September 28: Updated with Amazon statement.

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