The deputy’s broken iPhone and Find My help the police to escape from the culprit.

One suspect fled the traffic stop with the deputy’s iPhone – which was not good for the offender.

Denver police were called to the scene Wednesday morning to arrest a suspect. They discovered a man in a 2000 Chevy pickup truck who matched the details of a man wanted in a crime.

While police were trying to get the man out of the truck to detain him, a deputy placed his iPhone on the truck’s bed rail. The man fled in his truck, hitting a security fence.

Report from 9 News On Wednesday evening, the deputy said he realized his iPhone was missing, then used FindMy to find the device. It was heading down a highway towards Boulder.

Eventually the sheriff’s office delivered the iPhone and the truck to a residence. Boulder police rushed to the spot and arrested the accused.

Several charges have been filed against the arrest, including resistance to arrest, possession of a Scheduled Two controlled substance, and flight to avoid prosecution.

Find My Apple ID allows the owner to track active devices from any Apple device or third party using available geolocation, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals. Police officers who stopped the traffic were lucky that a state-of-the-art tracking device like iPhone was lost in the accused’s truck.


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