HomeThe death of a woman who was run over by a four-wheel drive vehicle from injuries. Driver accused of murder

The death of a woman who was run over by a four-wheel drive vehicle from injuries. Driver accused of murder

Millbrae – A homeless woman died Wednesday morning from injuries she sustained while she was also skips By an SUV last month in Millbrae. The man who San Mateo County prosecutors said was behind the wheel now faces a charge of premeditated murder.

However, the case against Garrett Young, a 23-year-old Melbra resident, is still pending while doctors Efficiency evaluation to prosecute him. Attorney General Steve Wagstaff said their reports were due on November 15.

The victim — identified by prosecutors as 53-year-old Griselda Joseph — died of her injuries shortly before 11 a.m. Wednesday, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Young could potentially face life in prison if convicted of a charge of premeditated murder, which includes a special circumstance of pending murder, Wagstaff said.

In the early morning hours of September 20, he finds Vice Joseph lying in a Starbucks parking lot at 513 Broadway in Millbra. She was seriously injured and appears to have been hit by a car.

Investigators found CCTV footage of a BMW SUV hitting Joseph “at a high rate of speed and then running over him several more times,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Representatives arrested Young at a home in Henry Place in Millbrae after they found an SUV parked outside that matched the one in the video. The sheriff’s office said the SUV also suffered damage proportional to its recent crash.

Young, who was working at Safeway near where Joseph was found, was angry with her for being “mean” with him in recent months, prosecutors said. Joseph reportedly yelled at Young about the toilets in the supermarket not being clean and told him he was not doing his job.

Young is being held without bail at Maguire Prison in Redwood City.


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