The CSS computing color (which the browser displays) differs from the basic colors.

This question has been asked many times but no satisfactory answer has been found. Why would a browser developer tool show that the color of the arithmetic font is completely different from any basic color? Isn’t the whole point of the “Computed” tab to show how the browser decides what color to display?

I found two hyperlinks within a few lines of each other on a web page. One of the links is correctly colored; The other is white, although the information in the arithmetic tab is exactly the same for both. It is reusable in Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Note that this question is not about my CSS. This is about how it is possible for the color of the computing to be different from the colors that contribute. I’m trying to figure out why the browser is deciding on a white color, when, through the information in its own “Computed” tab, it should decide on another color?

Screenshot of two arithmetic hyperlink colors

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