The COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts has infected more than 250 people

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The COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts has infected more than 250 people

a Corona Virus The outbreak in a northern Massachusetts coastal town swelled to more than 250 infected after an increase on July 4.

Local health officials have noted 256 confirmed cases linked to a cluster in Provincetown, with 190 infections among the state’s residents, 109 of which involve people in surrounding Barnstable County, with the rest of the cases among people out of state, according to the statment Posted Wednesday. More than 3,000 tests have been conducted locally since 1 July.

County District Problems Counsellor Face Masks After New Coronavirus Outbreak in Summer

This news comes after the health authorities issued a public health alert on Monday amid 132 confirmed cases linked to the gathering, noting that there were infections in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The warning was issued to help eradicate the infection and urged residents to take precautions.

Officials advised, regardless of vaccination status, to seek testing, practice hand hygiene, stay home when symptoms of COVID-19 are suspected, and hide indoor spaces where social distancing cannot be followed. Residents were also advised to receive vaccinations if they did not do so and were warned about close contact which could lead to the spread of the virus.

The state has administered more than 8.7 million doses, with more than 4.2 million residents fully vaccinated, according to the latest available data. Numbers It reports that Barnstable County claims the highest percentage of individuals with at least one dose statewide at least 75%.

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