The country prepares for rain floods amid warnings of possible flash floods

New South Wales Residents have been warned to prepare for the possibility of flash floods as torrential rains hit parts of the state today
Met Office Issue a warning this morning Due to heavy rainfall in New South Wales, with up to 120mm of rain expected in some parts of the state.

Greater Sydney is only expected to receive up to 50mm today.

There are also strong flank warnings on the Macquarie Coast, Hunter Coast, Sydney Coast and Illawarra Coast, and flood warnings for a number of inland rivers including the McIntyre, Peel and upper Macquarie to Bathurst.

The New South Wales State Emergency Service (NSW SES) says residents should prepare for wild weather.

Rain is set to continue today in New South Wales, Canberra and Victoria.
Hail, heavy rain and flooding may hit New South Wales on Sunday. (Louise Kinnerley/SMH)

Heavy rain that could lead to flash floods is expected in the slopes and plains of the western central and eastern parts of the upper western counties this afternoon, and ease later in the evening.

The bureau said 60 to 80 mm of rain was expected, with the potential for heavier fall in the event of thunderstorms.

Residents in the mid-North Coast and northern parts of Hunter were warned late to prepare for possible flash floods this afternoon. Between 80-120 mm of rain can fall in these areas.

New South Wales Assistant Commissioner Nicole Hogan has added recent rainfall to the risk of flash floods this weekend.

“Our watershed is very wet, and our dams are full, so it wouldn’t take much for flooding to happen,” said Ms Hogan.

“We need people to be aware of flood risks and be prepared.”

Flood watches have already been issued for Upper Macintyre, Gwydir, Peel, Castlereagh, Belubula and Macquarie to Bathurst.

“In the event of flooding, there is a very real chance that roads will be affected,” said Ms Hogan.

Millie Creek Floods, Mille, South Morey.  Northern Plains rain is expected for a month in one day.  November 11, 2021
More flooding could hit areas like the Midwest that are already affected. (Louise Kinnerley)

Cold and strong winds are expected.

It comes after Coffs Harbor was recently hit by a strange storm that caused massive damage to homes and businesses.

“Some of our communities, including Coffs Harbor, are still recovering from previous severe weather,” Ms Hogan said.

“It’s important to do what you can to protect your homes before the weather hits.

Despite the rain, the rowing crew during training passed the boats moored at Iron Cove near Lilyfield, New South Wales.
Residents of New South Wales are encouraged to prepare for the storm. (Sydney Morning Herald)

NSW SES urged people to avoid driving, walking or riding in flood waters.

Forbes residents sandbags their homes and businesses as they prepare to order an evacuation amid rising flood waters.

How NSW town residents prepare for major floods

Residents are also advised to prepare their homes for a storm, including moving cars away from trees and power lines, tying up loose items in backyards and cleaning gutters.

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